Named the most dangerous women in the world

Named the most dangerous women in the worldFamous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet are in the most sexy and dangerous women 2007 - Femme Fatales.The rating involved the "most sexy and deadly women, and it was headed by Kerry Washington for her role in the Comedy romance "I Think I love my wife". Second place among the "Femme fatale" belongs to Christina Ricci for the role in the drama "black snake Moan".Third place in the ranking 2007 Femme Fatales version FilmStew took Winona Ryder, who played the sexy and deadly at The Ten, fourth - saffron Burrows for the drama "All in your power", telling about the terrorist attack of 11 September 2001 in the USA, reports China Daily.In fifth place - actress Karis van Hoten, who played in the drama of Paul Verhoeven's "Black book", sixth place in the rating belongs to Ri Rasmussen ("angel-A" Hatch Sleepless), the actress Danielle Panabaker for her role in "Who are you, Mr. Brooks?" has got to seventh position.Kate Winslet took the eighth position due to the role in the film John Turturro's "romance & cigarettes", Angelina Jolie is in ninth place with the image of Grendel's mother, the personification of pure evil in the film "Beowulf", closes the "Top 10" Jennifer Love Hewitt for her role in "the Devil and Daniel Webster" directed by Alec Baldwin, reports Telegraf. Source: Named the most dangerous women in the world.

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