Malakhov has dedicated operations Sobchak report

Malakhov has dedicated operations Sobchak reportAndrey Malakhov decided to try something new, now he became the chief editor of a new glossy magazine about the lives of stars. First news, which told Malakhov was information about plastic surgery Xenia Sobchak."I understand, kseniia Sobchak my friend, but the information about her plastic surgery, we could not miss. In our magazine devoted a special report", " Andrew said.From the report it is clear that in America Xenia just rested and no surgeries she did. They say that perhaps Xenia will maintain a column for Malakhov. While the column is only in the editor, it is called "Diary of Andrew". In it, the presenter shares the secrets of her friends znamenitosti. For example, the husband of Tina Kandelaki gave her the latest model fashion laptop price 88 000."I'm not afraid of someone to fall out. I tell a lot of things, but before publishing, I ask permission. I have the magazine would not be "prohibited" persons, I love everyone," admitted the newly minted editor in chief.Told Malakhov and challenges for a new job. It turns out that on the day of the first room he got up very early and went to check whether the magazine on newsstands, toured all the outlets, looked where he lays out how people buy, why. Not kept Andrew and their mistakes."I believe that the news that Prince Charles was chosen an honorary member of Zhytomyr Union of nobles very important and definitely need to put. Because that's how you relate to all this glamour. But I'm a beginner and make mistakes. Even in the first issue it is, because even I didn't know that. We have written that Polina Deripaska daughter, not the wife of Oleg Deripaska," shared Andrew.Despite the popularity and the media, star disease Andrew does not suffer. According to his confession, he passed the test in his journal, "What are you a star?" and the result was "the star of the hour".Many people know that Malakhov cares about her appearance and tries to keep in shape. Andrew also shared his diet, which he adheres to for many years: "as I have shooting 4-5 times a week in the telecentre, then dinner I in plastic trays right on your desktop. Tell you a secret, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday is chicken with rice, and on Wednesday and Friday this buckwheat salmon. From September to November in the menu is added watermelon, cut on my Desk Secretary, and from December to February instead of watermelon persimmon". Source: Malakhov dedicated operations Sobchak report.

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