Wife Khabensky was transferred to a normal ward

Wife Khabensky was transferred to a normal wardThe wife of the famous actor Konstantin Khabensky Anastasia after birth did not go home with the baby, and went to another clinic. The woman found the education in the right hemisphere of the brain".After the examination, the doctors decided to remove it education. In scientific research Institute of neurosurgery named Burdenko Anastasia Khabensky had a complicated surgery.Quite a long time, the woman remained in intensive care. Now, fortunately, her condition stabilized. CPR Anastasia has already been transferred to normal ward.However, home Anastasia Khabensky will go soon. She has yet to undergo rehabilitation at the hospital. According to doctors, the woman was much better. Despite the positive trend, the clinic Nastya will stay for quite a long time, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Konstantin Khabensky meanwhile juggling between work and two hospitals. The actor regularly visits young son and sick wife.In addition, the actor is now busy filming the movie "Brownie". Constantine plays a writer-novelist who is experiencing a creative crisis. They say the work is given to the artist is not easy. Director of the film, knowing the state of Constantine, advises him more and more rest.Recall that long-awaited child appeared in the family Khabensky after several years of marriage. For both spouses to have this little one first. Source: Wife Khabensky was transferred to a normal ward.

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