Angelina Jolie can't forgive his father

Angelina Jolie can't forgive his fatherEveryone knows that Angelina Jolie is not the best relationship with his father, Academy award-winning actor John Voight. The man repeatedly attempted to reconcile with star daughter and her brother James Haven, but while the kids are still unwilling to communicate with his father.Recently, James haven has given interview in which has told how the care of the family of John Voight has affected their lives. The young man says he now tries to help other abandoned women and children, remembering his difficult childhood."I don't want to constantly berate my father," says James haven, - I wish him all the best, and I hope he will find peace, but because his mother suffered for years".John Voight does not consider himself so much a villain. "It just breaks my heart that my children want to make me the bad guy. I think it all comes from the fact that for years they were "programmed" maternal anger, because it is - and it can be understood - felt very vulnerable after divorce. If the truth be told, I always tried to give them and their mother's love and support and large sums of money. Lord knows for years I tried to establish normal relations. But perhaps the death of their mother I made it worse," says the actor.Ex-wife Voight Marcheline Bertrand really had fallen for Angelina Jolie and her brother, the closest person. But she was seriously ill, and after a few months after the birth of angelina Jolie's daughter, the woman died from cancer. Her death was a real blow for the actress. But even when he was half-orphan, the actress does not want to communicate with his father. Her brother also can not establish with Voight contact.But rejected by the children's father still hopes for reconciliation, says the magazine "US Weekly". "I'm always ready to give them my heart, my love," said John Voight, and for them I will always be by your side whatever I need". Source: Angelina Jolie can't forgive his father.

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