Julia Roberts will return to `serious` movie

Julia Roberts will return to `serious` movieA couple of years ago the highest paid actress of the world hold at retirement. "I don't want my kids to know me only on the role of Beauty," she said, and decided to hit the theater.The Broadway play "Three days of rain" in which she played the title role, a great event was not. And, giving birth to another child, Julia Roberts decided to return to the cinema.She plans to play mostly serious role. Anyway, all three new pictures of her participation, which is already declared, - drama. On Christmas eve will be the American premiere of "Charlie Wilson's War," in which she again co-starred in the classic Mike Nichols who once gave Julia one of her best dramatic roles in the movie "Proximity". Partners in this film adaptation of the play by Aaron Zorkin (who wrote "a Few good men") became Tom Hanks and Philip Simur Hoffman.Mindful of the success of pictures of the real heroine Erin Brockovich, Julia will undertake for the role and murdered last year in Kenya, the patroness of the environment Joan Ruth. Indeed, it has everything to bring Roberts second Oscar.The role of strong women, able to play on their own weaknesses, good actress. She is a true "steel Magnolia" (the title of one of her early films). In the process of hard work career, she not only lost the natural femininity, but also made it a necessary part of his disarming image.And as a result have achieved all - world fame, a happy family with her husband, henpecked and the largest fee ever paid Hollywood actress ($25 million). And even more recently - the honorary prize of the American Cinematheque, which she got Spielberg, Scorsese and Tom cruise.I think she still managed to shake the public self-image of being the actress of one role. For many it is already Erin Brockovich. Although for an absolute majority - still Gorgeous.In bed with JuliePrior to the current marriage star was married to the singer in country style Lyle Lovetta (less than 2 years) and engaged to Kiefer Sutherland (before we were married, it never came), and also met with actors Liam Neeson, Daniel day-Louis, Jason Patrick, Benjamin Bratt, Matthew Perry and who knows what. The current Roberts husband Danny Moder, is not like these celebrities: acting as assistant cameraman-Director. But unlike movie stars windy he's always with his wife: held the lamp and the "Mexican", and "Mona Lisa Smile". And on the set of new film with the participation of Roberts Fireflies in the garden" went on increasing - he entrusted the role of photography.Than the Russian Cinderella differs from American Beauty?The main role of Julia, as though she resisted, was and still is a Beauty - Hollywood version of Cinderella. But not all Cinderella are beauties. Here the performer of the title role in the beloved film fairytale 1947 Janina Jaime was a charming girl, but her beauty, of course, can not be called. Maybe that's why she, or rather her character, use, and use in our country so popular? Americans need an ideal to which to aspire. Us is the one who is no different from ourselves. Source: Julia Roberts will return to "serious" movie.

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