Sobchak is unaware of involvement in a love triangle

Sobchak is unaware of involvement in a love triangle Looking for a few days in Courchevel, She and her boyfriend Dmitry Savitsky did not anticipate that they will face abroad with his ex-wife Natalia Sindeeva.Ksenia and Dmitry loved the Breakfast in a local restaurant "Le Springboard", popular among Russian tourists. Sometimes the couple looked into the school and towards evening, when compatriots in it already almost was not, and the tables were occupied by the French or the Italians. In just one of these evenings in this restaurant looked and Natalia Sindeeva with a young gentleman. But after learning that this may come her ex-husband Dmitry (which, by the way, she still works at the radio station "Silver rain"), quickly retreated, almost forgetting about the bar your packages.LoveAccording to one of the waiters "Le Jump," Natalia was very surprised, and then annoyed, realizing that her husband along with a new chosen one can also pay a visit here for dinner.- Madame behaved very strangely, " said "Z" Garson. "At first she was surprised that we can't put you behind empty tables, and then, after talking with one of our Russian guests, literally stormed out of the restaurant.Itself Xenia, according to friends, prefers not to draw attention to it, believing that her love is so strong that she was safe.In its turn, the ex-wife of Dmitry Natalia Sindeeva confessed "Z" that wants to believe that the relationship She and Dima will be long and strong.- You know, they're both very complicated characters, " says Natalia. And such people are very easy to get a long time together. I would like to say that they soon parted, but still... Until they are happy with Dima, but we can't know what will happen to the relationship tomorrow...Source: Sobchak no notice of participation in a love triangle (video).

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