Vices, Mature, star girls

Vices, Mature, star girls The beauty, wealth and star status is not a guarantee that their owner would be nice. "Bad girls" were carried out at all times, but now the concentration has reached its maximum.When the secret vices of one or the other stars become apparent, they begin to sharply contrast with the image of charming Babes and innocent doll... and this is like a belated teenage rebellion.The most famous "bad girl" of Hollywood drew was acting kind of Barrymore and she became famous in seven years after starring in "et" by Steven Spielberg. Adults started to drag the baby on the "star" of the party. His first glass of champagne she drank at the age of nine guests actor Rob Lowe. His first "school" tried ten. At twelve drew already dabbled in cocaine and had confessed his love to the grownups, like TV host David Letterman.At age 14 she became the youngest star ever, wrote his autobiography. Yes, she was something to tell about. The book "Little lost girl" became a bestseller. When she appeared on store shelves, drew was a methadone clinic. And psychiatrists diagnosed her unique diagnosis of chronic insomnia, anemia, claustrophobia, progressive paranoia and depression. And all this at the same time."The dragon is impossible to fight the fires which he spews". "Bright half of me is fighting with the dark, and sometimes I fear that the latter will outweigh" well, " she said in an interview early - mid 90s. In January 1995 came the Playboy magazine with Nude drew on the cover - actress barely reached adulthood. Her God-father of Steven Spielberg sent her a room with carefully retouched body drew and concise caption: "Cover yourself up". She for some time had a collection of tattoos and Boyfriends - for the first time Barrymore was married at 19 years old, the marriage lasted three months.It often could be seen in a sex shop than on the set, and most of their fees drew lost in the "black Jack". However, Barrymore is more of an example that all may end well. Five years ago she took up the mind, "covered", as she advised godfather Spielberg. She is now 31 years old, she is a successful actress and producer, and past demons visited her less and less.Which, unfortunately, cannot be said about her best friend, the singer and actress Courtney Love. The daughter of a psychologist, Courtney the first years of his life spent in the hippie commune where infected by the atmosphere of permissiveness. In his early twenties, she started a rock band called "Hole" won't clarify what she meant, and in 1992 came the gusty Kurt Cobain. Two years later, Kurt killed himself. And although the couple was in the middle of a divorce, the fans still blame Courtney for the death of an idol.After the death of Cobain Love finally "lost it": she beat the paparazzi, drank, did drugs, abused pills, saying that with them being treated a cold. When her daughter Frances Bean asked my mom what that white powder in the cupboard, Love said, "It's cocaine - this coffee is for villains.".

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