Young `fabricante` every day brought to tears

Young `fabricante` every day brought to tears20-year-old participant "Factories of stars-7" Nastya Prikhodko, according to many, is very similar to the former soloist of "VIA gra" Nadja Granovsky. And in this group many see the continuation of a career girl.Recall, the music producer of the current "Factory" - Konstantin Meladze. It is believed that among the "fabricantes" he hopes to find a new soloist for his favorite child - group "VIA Gra".Anastasia Prikhodko was not against to take the vacant place. "I would say that I'm happy with the performance of any desire that is associated with the name of Konstantin Meladze. By the way, when I was 16, I went to Kiev for the casting of "VIA gra".Won the audience award, a prize I was sent to Varna, " she says in an interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". In the end, I won 3rd place, but the group certainly did not hit. Eh, where I only did not go, in which only the auditions didn't Shine... And you know what? In whatever group or taxied, I always answered: "You're all good, but that's exactly why!".However, while the dream of a solo career or job in the group early Nastia, because it still remains one of the residents of Star home."My camera is not concerned, - tells Nastja about his "factory" of life. These are the rules of the game. I took them immediately. Me more depressing. Cameras are missing, but the people to whom I could open, no. I'm not a team player by nature, a loner. I keep everything and hoard myself, because I know that will not understand, and even ridiculed. Used to think that can easily cope with this, don't pay. And it was wrong. Roar every day how cute". Source: Young "fabricante" every day brought to tears.

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