Britney Spears secretly Dating new boyfriend

Britney Spears secretly Dating new boyfriendThe fallen pop star Britney Spears, which selected children after nearly a year of constant partying and reckless antics, they say, made a new boy to perk up.According to the magazine Life & Style, Britney secretly Dating a waiter and an aspiring actor who works in one of her favorite restaurants - "Mirabella".Singer and a certain Michael Marchand seen together for a late dinner, and at her Villa in Malibu, reports AHN.An informed source told the tabloid: "Michael Marchand arrived after midnight, and immediately after this came Britney. They complied with caution. Forty five minutes together they left the restaurant. He was charming. He entertained Britney and looked at her with a secret smile. They left in different cars." "Between them there was a sympathy. It starts," added the source.After her divorce from Kevin and motherhood in late 2006, Spears officially doesn't have a boyfriend. Source: Britney Spears secretly Dating new boyfriend.

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