Abdulov'm sure I'll survive, despite all predictions

Abdulov'm sure I'll survive, despite all predictionsDoctors desperately trying to save the life of seriously ill artist, witnessed a nervous breakdown, which happened at Alexander Gavrilovich. 54 year old actor could not restrain emotions, when doctors gave him the latest results of the analyses.Exhausted cancer Abdulov couldn't believe dry and, of course, fair grounds, doctors and lashed out at them - the people who make everything possible that the disease has receded...TreatmentThe team of doctors two to three times a day he is coming home to barely moving. Alexander Gavrilovich injected the strongest drugs to relieve the unbearable pain. At the same time the doctors brought stellar patient disappointing results."It can't be! - re Abdulov, once familiarized with the documents. I'll find other doctors!Respecting patient artist and feeling sorry for him, the doctors decided not to join the fray, realizing that everyone can take the nerves, if he were in a similar situation.- Cigarette - that's the name of the executioner, who raised his axe above his head Aleksandr Gavrilovich, - said our source at the hospital to which attached Abdulov. - Respiratory organs of the actor are, shall we say, in a deplorable condition. Of course, all is not hopeless. Medicine knows the cases when the patient was six months, maybe more, to live, for example, with one lung. Everything is very individual. Let's hope that all together we will defeat the disease!By the way, the doctors were able quite quickly to calm raznervnichalas the patient and even to strengthen it and hoping for the best.- The fact that Abdulov work very well the kidneys, " continues our source at the hospital. - This is very important! We are trying our best to support them in working order, inserting of special fluids and glucose. Cleansing, of course, is beneficial to the artist.HopeWhen the doctors left the house Abdulov, Aleksandr Gavrilovich was already quite calm and thanked the doctors for their care."I know, and I'll still live! smiled familiar to millions of moviegoers smile Abdulov, and at the same moment the eyes of nurses treacherously broke a tear.- Me in Israel the doctors promised that nothing bad will happen...Right after the New year, the actor must once again go into one of the elite clinics in Moscow, to continue the fight for his life. Source: Abdulov'm sure I'll survive, despite all predictions.

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