Drunk Bilan disgraced at the presentation of the `Golden gramophone`

Drunk Bilan disgraced at the presentation of the `Golden gramophone`The booze Dima Bilan began in a business-class flight "Moscow - Saint-Petersburg", where he flew to the ceremony "Golden gramophone".Mr. Bilan pretty quickly "came to condition" and on arrival in the Northern capital already could not stand on his feet.The Petersburg fans of the popular singer all morning waiting for him near the hotel "Europe". They wanted to film the arrival of the hero of "Eurovision" in the hotel and take in the peaceful surroundings autographs. What they saw?"At first, he almost fell out of the car, but he managed to get the girl says. - He tried to reach the entrance to the hotel, but it didn't work out. So far, so to speak, went on, lying on its side". The organizers could no longer look at wobbly Bilan and told the security guard to lead him to their room.However, in the evening Bilan already bounced back and at the ceremony "Golden gramophone" looked relaxed and fit. And in that moment, when he received a "Golden gramophone" hand managing the hotel "Europe", even apologized that today "is a bit screwed up in a hotel bathroom." Source: Drunk Bilan disgraced at the ceremony "Golden gramophone"".

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