Guard Lindsay Lohan `lit` in the groin paparazzi

Guard Lindsay Lohan `lit` in the groin paparazzi On Halloween only recently check out of rehab Lindsay Lohan has again hit the headlines, but not because fancy suit and not because of his scandalous behavior.This time scored a new harsh guard Lohan, who with all his strength "light" into the groin of paparazzi stalking, reports the incident was caught on video. On the tape, as the actress is trying to leave the Parking lot so that the paparazzi are unable to photograph it. Covering Lohan umbrella from camera lenses, the guard leads her to the car. Along the way he strikes between the legs of one of the most annoying photographer.They say the new guard Lohan previously served in the IDF, he rarely smiles and is very serious about his work. "This guy is not talking in vain. Recently he approached me while I was waiting for Lindsay at the exit from the dance Studio, and popularly explained that if I leave, am I dead," said one of the paparazzi.Source: the Guard Lindsay Lohan "light" into the groin of the paparazzi (video).

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