Anna Mikhalkova breaks records weight gain

Anna Mikhalkova breaks records weight gain Academy USA made Nikita Mikhalkov's film "12" among the five foreign films competing for the award "Oscar". While his father prepares to fight for the coveted Golden statuette, his eldest daughter Anna excelled not in the professional sphere.Anna Mikhalkov once again recovered. This time the actress broke its own weight record she set a year ago - on the award "White elephant" 2007 all discussed how much better Anna Nikitichna. After that, the actress took her appearance and noticeably thinner. The film premieres this year, her constant companion was a huge bowl of popcorn. And, apparently, this relationship is brought Mikhalkova unpleasant consequences.The award "White elephant" this year, the actress was hard to recognize, it was literally twice. There are rumours that she has reconciled with her husband, and possibly weight gain occurred due to another pregnancy, but this is only speculation.Pregnancy has a negative impact on the body of many celebrities, both our and overseas. It is the main cause of the weight change of the Russian divas. Remember how he recovered after giving birth Irina Dubtsova. Fortunately, the singer was able to regain its former shape. Another graduate of "factory of stars" Polina Gagarina after the birth of a son, too, has dramatically gained weight. I hope that soon the young mother will turn again to regain their old form.Maiden form after birth lost and singer Julia Nachalova. Gradually, the artist began to lose the extra pounds, but former slimness she can still return so far failed, although perhaps this is a temporary phenomenon. Pregnancy does not regret and supermodels. For example, Milla Jovovich, expecting her first child, gained 40 pounds. Although the weight of Western stars still more affected not by the motherhood and the wrong way of life and never-ending parties.The most vivid illustration of this is, of course, Britney Spears. The singer in recent years has become a symbol of almost all human vices. Of course, her figure is also affected by childbirth, but partying, drugs, alcohol, and a favorite weakness Britney - hamburgers and Coca-Cola did the trick. In his latest video, dedicated to the omnipresent paparazzi, Britney showed everything looking good again. Although rumor has it that slim body Britney is nothing more than a quality installation.Obesity is not the main problem with celebrities. Up to it is anorexia. It affects many Western stars, until our it has yet to get. Daughter of Donatella Versace Allegra suffers from anorexia, which is very concerned about doctors. In the pursuit of thinness this diagnosis and got a girlfriend Paris Hilton, young mom Nicole Richie. Rapid weight loss Kelly Osborne recently attracted the attention of the public. Her thinness is a major theme of British tabloids. Maybe Kelly just grew up and abandoned his youthful pastimes in favor of female beauty.Although sometimes the refusal riotous lifestyle leads not a model form. The flamboyant singer Alex began his career being toothless, nervous and painfully thin young men. The singer admitted that they used drugs. Getting rid of the addiction, the singer gained weight. Hard to say when he looked better then or now.Many of our stars are constantly losing weight, then gaining weight. In this sense, it is impossible to keep up with Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov, which change the appearance of almost every season. But in our show business two divas who through sports and diets once and for all said goodbye to the hated kilograms is Larisa Dolina and Anita Tsoi.Singer Anita Tsoy few years ago was able to get rid of a couple of dozen extra pounds and since then maintains a perfect shape. "The first twenty pounds I lost for the man, and the rest - for your favorite scene. Today it is important for me to keep the weight off," says Choi. According to the singer, now she strictly adheres to the principle of separation of power and trying to play sports. Source: Anna Mikhalkova breaks records weight gain (photo).

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