`Awful` sexy outfits of the stars on Halloween

`Awful` sexy outfits of the stars on Halloween Approaching the worst and most fun night of the year, which means that all have already started to revise your wardrobe to shock others with their Halloween attire.After all, the craziest ideas are always remembered and discussed for a long time, so the famous English feast of love the stars around the world. "Business Style" - most interesting outfits celebrities on Halloween of yesteryear.31 October 2005 Paris Hilton attended a party Halloween Manshion Party, hosted by actress Haley Duff, in costume reflecting the essence of a sex symbol - in pink fluffy Bunny ears, Lacy underwear, stockings and little pink purse matching with attached pink tail. Apparently, Paris has decided to use the holiday to once again demonstrate her beautiful body. Not a bad solution for those girls who are not ashamed of your figure.Rapper Sean Combs, better known as P. Diddy, but in 2004 the party Mariah Carrie, held at new York nightclub Cain, boarded his Rolls Royce in full Gladiator regalia. She Mariah Carey earlier in the year came to a party in a mermaid costume, exposing her elegant bust and great legs. In the same new York as conquered the hearts of men and Lindsay Lohan, celebrated Halloween in a sexy costume fireman.Original outfit presented Mischa Barton at the party Sky Orange Halloween in 2004. Hollywood actress wore orange-and-black ensemble from the Atlas in the form of an open corset, skirt, stockings and high heel shoes, thereby appearing to others as a dangerous vamp from the street of red lanterns.Bright red preferred Heidi Klum, who built for himself a witch costume from fiery dress, red wig, huge hats and boots with laces. All the splendor complements the outfit hanging from the human bones. By the way, even more surprising, the actress looked in the next, in 2005 at a party in new York club Valley. Portraying a vampire, Klum wore a super-lush wig, tall boots, short dress and long Cape is all black.Distinguished fashion designer Zac Posen. In the creation of his vampire costume he showed all their creative flair by hanging him on the shoulder and the fur.And the couple in the face of beauty Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman was at the Hard Rock Hotel as the love doctor and nurse. By the way, about nurses: every Halloween we see them by the hundreds, so choosing this form, try to make the most original costume.It is best to stay on some historical costume, you can get in the Apple.For example, Anne Hathaway in 2004 looked stunning in the dress of Cleopatra - she was in her white tunic, crown, and long black hair.Experiment and startle us all with a clear conscience - after all it is Halloween! Source: "Awful" sexy outfits of the stars on Halloween (photo).

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