`VIA Gra` again became a trio

`VIA Gra` again became a trioSexy blonde Vera Brezhnev decided to rejoin the group to return to her former popularity, informs "Your day".Care from the team of Vera Brezhneva, one of the most colorful member of "VIA gra", significantly reduced the former popularity of the group and the revenue producers. And indeed the darling of men Brezhnev, despite the family fortune, could not long remain in the shadow of show business.So Faith decided to join Albina and Meseda to return the group to its former ratings.After the wedding with businessman Mikhail Kiperman Brezhnev decided to stop work in the group. Husband advised her to begin a solo career, but she made her own choices: after several months off Brezhnev said that he was going to return to the "VIA gra", because she can't live without the group.According to the environment of the singer, when the former soloist of the group saw the new video for the song "Kissing", it has captured the creative zeal and she announced to the producers that is returned to the group."Yes, Faith has decided to return to the team," said the Director of "VIA gra" Dmitry Kostyuk. - She never said that out completely. Faith has had time to rest and meditation, and she realized that she cannot live without "VIA gra".Thus, together with the two remaining soloists, Meseda Bagaudinova and the Albina Dzhanabaeva, "VIA Gra" again became a trio. Source: "VIA Gra" again became a trio.

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