Russell Crowe will replace pitt

Russell Crowe will replace pittRussell Crowe will replace brad pitt on the set of the political drama State of Play. Pitt refused the lead role in the film last week because of problems with the script.This led to conflict with representatives of Universal studios, who wanted to continue shooting on the original text. Even meeting with Director Kevin MacDonald has not led to any results. At the moment to make any edits to the script impossible due to the writers ' strike, reports Reuters.MacDonald (the author of the film "the Last king of Scotland") spent the weekend in Australia, trying to persuade Crowe to participate in the project. The actor had to fit in a rather busy schedule of shooting in State of Play. Contract Crowe in the near future should take part in the Nottingham film from Universal, the film adaptation of the stories about Robin hood directed by Ridley Scott.Previously as potential candidates to replace pitt was considered the actor johnny Depp. Due to the ongoing Hollywood writers strike shooting two films with the stars of "pirates of the Caribbean" postponed indefinitely. We are talking about the screen adaptation of the Gregory David Roberts "Shantaram" directed Worlds Nair and the film "the Rum diary Bruce Robinson.Russell Crowe will be in the picture together with such famous actors as Edward Norton, Helen Mirren, Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman and Robin Wright Penn. The author of the script of the film adaptation of the British television drama BBC was Matthew Michael Carnahan. The film tells the story of the Congressman who will play Norton, and the journalist who leads his election campaign. After the murder of the mistress of a Congressman, a journalist begins to conduct his own investigation.A source at Universal announced that the Studio intends to protect its rights and may serve on brad pitt in the court. Crowe became the most successful actor for Universal studios, starring in such successful projects as "American gangster", "Knockdown" and "mind Games". Source: Russell Crowe will replace pitt.

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