Financial fraud Dima Bilan

Financial fraud Dima BilanAround the touring Dima Bilan broke out a real scandal - a singer who wanted to perform for free in front of Petersburg students, accidentally learned that the University administration began to sell his concert tickets.The popular actor had planned to arrive in St. Petersburg University of trade unions for a corporate party dedicated to the celebration of the anniversary of the student magazine.However, a few days before the concert Dima suddenly learned about financial fraud with tickets, the newspaper "Your day"."I wanted the students a holiday to give! - outraged the singer. - What is it?! Dishonest dealers even from good works, strive to benefit! It's just a fraud, a hoax guys!Shocked by the incident, the actor initially refused to speak at the University, but then decided not to cancel free concert - students are prepared for his arrival, waiting, and Bilan did not deceive their expectations.While the University was selling tickets for a free concert of Dima, and continue to sell them. Source: Financial fraud Dima Bilan.

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