Nine of the most `hot` pregnant celebrities

Nine of the most `hot` pregnant celebrities In Hollywood a baby boom. Recently given birth Milla Jovovich and Salma Hayek, there are rumors of a new pregnancy Britney Spears, and being six months pregnant Christina Aguilera posed Nude for Marie Claire.Maxim magazine has published nine of the hottest pregnant celebrities - the list includes stars who are now in a position and have already given birth, but destroyed during the pregnancy of their sexuality.Helly BerryThe father of the child: a male model Gabriel AubryThe epithets "forty" and "pregnant" not normally associated with sexuality, but to the actress Halley berry is not the case. Besides deserves respect the courage with which she wears during pregnancy short dresses. Now berry is on the fifth month.Christina AguileraThe child's father: husband Jordan BratmanShe's probably not destined for a while to tumble in the mud in the ring, as in her famous clip, but the pregnancy didn't put Kristina to appear on the days naked in a photo shoot for the magazine Marie Claire.Heidi KlumThe father of the last child: the pop singer sealHeidi already had three children, but her figure each time quickly took his still perfect shape. Even when in the last stages of pregnancy she was Project Runway, clothes for expectant mothers looked on it as lingerie fromVictoria s Secret.Brooke BurkeThe father of the last child: the French actor David ServeAmerican host and model known for led show on channel E. Now 36-year-old star is pregnant with fourth child to be born in the spring of 2008.Gwen StefaniThe father of the child: singer Gavin Rossdale38-year-old singer gave birth to her first firstborn son Kingston, from Rossdale in 2006. Читать полностью -->

Alla Pugacheva's cheating to `not fall`

Alla Pugacheva's cheating to `not fall`Alla Pugacheva has not gone to the trainer of the project "Ice age" Sasha Zhulin.After her will was allowed perekatat dance Misha Galustyan and Masha Petrova, decided that it can wait and other miracles.After a poor performance by Margarita Drobiazko and Sasha Dyachenko Zhulin turned to Donna for help: "it's such a beautiful day, maybe you'll let me and Rita with Sasha to correct their mistakes?". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The star of `Brokeback mountain` was found dead in his apartment

The star of `Brokeback mountain` was found dead in his apartmentAustralian actor Heath Ledger was found dead in his new York apartment in Manhattan, according to live CNN TV channel. The body of the actor was found Sunday by his housekeeper.Police have yet to release any details of the death of Ledger. Meanwhile, according to Variety, the NYPD does not exclude the version about a drug overdose: near the body of the actor were found some medications, reports RIA "Novosti"."We are looking into the possibility of the death having occurred as the result of a drug overdose," according to Variety the words of the representative of the city police.Lately in the personal life of the actor, not everything went smoothly in September he broke up with his girlfriend Michelle Williams, who also starred in "Brokeback mountain" and who was the mother of his two daughters, informs bi-Bi-si.According to critics, the actor could become a star as the Joker in the last series of the epic on Batman, which should be released this year.28-year-old Heath Ledger became famous thanks to the movie "Brokeback mountain" by ang Lee about the cowboys-homosexuals, where he played a major role. Shooting in this film earned him a nomination for "Oscar" and "Golden globe" for best actor. In addition, the Ledger has played in such bands as "the Patriot", "a knight's tale", "the Brothers Grimm", "Casanova" and "monster's Ball".Heath Ledger was engaged to actress Michelle Williams (Michelle Williams), which broke up in September 2007. From Williams, the actor left a two year old daughter Matilda rose (Matilda Rose). Читать полностью -->

Cecilia Sarkozy, a man believes his life Richard

Cecilia Sarkozy, a man believes his life RichardThe ex-wife of the President of France, Cecilia Sarkozy filed a lawsuit against the author of a book about herself , which she attributed unflattering remarks about the former husband Nicolas Sarkozy.Former first lady of France has denied any involvement in the passages of the book "Cecilia" and demands to cancel its release, which is scheduled for the coming days, reports RIA "Novosti".The court will make a decision on the matter on Friday, January 11."Cecilia Sarkozy has authorized its attorneys to initiate the procedure necessary to protect its rights in regard to the words attributed to her in Madame Anna Bitton", - is informed in the communique of the former first lady of France, but other details of the trial data are not yet available. Weeklies Point and Nouvel Observateur has published excerpts from the controversial book - the ex-wife makes critical comments about personal qualities of the President of France and his environment.In particular, the former companion of the President allegedly calls Sarkozy "unreliable", "unbalanced" person and a "miser", and his Ministers a "criminal gang"."He doesn't deserve respect. Nicolas does not match the position of President of the Republic, he has difficulties in behavior," such words ascribes Cecilia Sarkozy, the author of the book, journalist Anna Bitton."He doesn't like anyone and even their children. Most women would kill to be in my place, but I wanted to leave," reportedly said Cecilia Sarkozy."Now that he no longer first lady, he needs to go out with beautiful girls under the arm, dressed in Dior" - so in the book Cecilia speaks of the companions Sarkozy, with whom he appeared in public after the divorce. Bitton says that the French President warned his wife that if she wants to go back, we must do it immediately, otherwise the seat will be occupied by another."If she wants to go back, she needed it done quickly. The list of those who would like to take her place, long. Читать полностью -->

Matt Damon left $1 thousand a tip for a Cup of coffee

Matt Damon left $1 thousand a tip for a Cup of coffeeHe was recently named the sexiest man in the world, and now it turns out that the generosity of Matt Damon in no way inferior to its attractiveness, reported showbizspy.The star of "the Bourne Ultimatum" was struck by the staff at the restaurant Ago in Miami, when he left a Cup of coffee is $ 1,000 tip."It was incredible, they could not believe. This is a nice restaurant with a very famous and wealthy clientele - but even there these tips no one gives," said an informed source.37-year-old actor, who lives in one of the most exclusive suburbs of Miami with his family, is known for his modesty and charm.In the restaurant, he came in the morning to drink a Cup of coffee. Although the actor refused to be photographed with one of the waiters, he more than compensated for it with your wallet. Instead of the usual 10% for a Cup of coffee cost $ 5 Damon left 20000%."Matt came alone. He was wearing a baseball cap and t shirt. He was very helpful and courteous. Читать полностью -->

The funeral of Alexander Abdulov over the scandal

The funeral of Alexander Abdulov over the scandalDuring the burial of the body of actor friends of the deceased brutally insulted his widow Julia Kristina Miloslavskaya.The widow of the deceased tried to take the process into their own hands and give reasonable orders, when suddenly several men roughly pulled her up."Thou art not here to give orders! Stand there and be quiet!" "said a hurtful word of mouth is the closest seemed to be friends of the family.Julia was a terrible tantrum. It long could not calm...FarewellOnly by a lucky chance nobody has suffered during the civil funeral in "Lenkom".A crowd of thousands of fans of the actor at some point divided, and a huge number of citizens were on the streets. As promised people later allow to go to the theatre and to say goodbye to Abdulov - none of this happened.According to one of participants of the cordon, "the leadership feared a possible loss of life, if crush inside the building exit and entrance"."I came specially to say goodbye to Alexander Gavrilovich from Siberia, - told "Your DAY" one of the outraged fans of the actor. - I'm not afraid of the cold, I - Siberian. But what scares me is that we - ordinary Russians - were divided into those who can say at the tomb Abdulov last words, and for those who can not be allowed in the theatre.Meanwhile in the hall, where was located the coffin with the body of the deceased, calmly passed the stars of our show business.- Maybe we have a daughter and not as a luxury bouquet as Pugacheva - lamenting a resident of St. Petersburg Nina Petrovna, who came to Moscow to bid farewell to Abdulov, but we would also like to pay tribute and gratitude to Alexander Gavrilovich. Читать полностью -->

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