Orbakaite pregnant

Orbakaite pregnantRumors about a possible pregnancy of the daughter of Alla Pugacheva began to spread after her a couple of times on tour became ill.In Pavlovskij-Possad November 23 and Naro-Fominsk on November 25. Then after the performance, the singer asked the administrators of the water, repeating that she was very hot, and dizzy. At the puzzled looks of his fellow dancers, the singer was just told that I'm just tired.- Well, can I just ask for water?! with the characteristic humor and optimism in his voice told pop diva.But it was enough to talk about a possible pregnancy in a short time reached the borders of MOSCOW, and then occupied the capital's Beau Monde. However, people accepted into the family Pugacheva claim that Christina recently changed.She became more feminine, her eyes appeared blissful view, inherent to all expectant mothers. And indeed Orbakaite times in a recent interview reported that she would give birth to his legal wife Dmitry Zemtsov child. Who knows, maybe her dream will soon be realized. Читать полностью -->

The beauty of Christina Aguilera will be the twins

The beauty of Christina Aguilera will be the twinsA recent ultrasound confirmed that the star family is waiting for double replenishment, one of the kids - a boy.Learning about the twins, Christine and her husband, producer Jordan Bratman, strongly began to buy all the stuff for newborns in the dual number, for example baths for bathing babies young parents are now two.Incidentally, the Aguilera haven't even officially confirmed the information about her pregnancy, although prior to the birth of babies is just a couple of months.According to the Manager of the singer, the son of Kristina name already picked out - Jordan, in honor of her beloved husband. Source: beauty Christina Aguilera will be the twins. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The sex symbol of Germany promised to strip for 1 million euros

The sex symbol of Germany promised to strip for 1 million eurosWorld champion swimmer, a German BRITA Kamrau-Korostin for several years, is considered one of the sex symbols of the world of sports. In this capacity, 28-year-old native of Rostock adequately replaced the previous German sex bomb, Francis van Almsick.France, like BRITA, too, was the star of the swim and was also born in the former GDR.Leading men's magazines in Germany have long been fighting for the right to publish a series of pictures with Nude Shaved, but despite the shaft of the proposals, the German kept steady.A small exception was made in 2006 for the magazine "Maxim", but then the photos, what you see looks perfectly chaste. German fans of Britons want to see more.And the BRITA Kamrau-Korostin, among other things, a qualified lawyer, give them this hope.In an interview with the tabloid Bild BRITA made a rather controversial statement: "My photos in the Nude would put a cross on my future career as a lawyer. Still, I wouldn't say they never get naked in front of a photographer completely. If any publication is going to pay for a photo shoot for a million euros, I'll strip down to the end.". . Читать полностью -->

Pregnant Volkova became infected in the USA with a dangerous virus

Pregnant Volkova became infected in the USA with a dangerous virusPregnant Yulia Volkova, fly to Los Angeles, picked up there, unknown dangerous virus and returned to Moscow is clearly sick. But despite serious indisposition, Julia, known for his explosive temper, managed in broad daylight to throw in a scandal of his fan.To Moscow from Los Angeles, CA Julia arrived on Tuesday evening. At the airport she was met by excited Parviz, who like no one else concerned about the health of a pregnant Julia. After a long flight and change of climate, and even unknown illness could seriously affect the pregnancy of the singer.The diseaseHiding in the VIP room, where immediately after leaving the plane went Volkova, Parviz stayed there for almost an hour. Apparently, Julia felt so bad that could not immediately upon receipt of the Luggage to go to the car, and would prefer to rest, hiding from prying eyes behind the strict security. When the couple still went down from the second floor of the airport, always cheerful Julia looked very pale and exhausted.She could barely speak with Parviz: we heard the hoarse voice of "tattoo", and on her tired face was full of suffering. Читать полностью -->

Doctors fight for life of Lyudmila Zykina

Doctors fight for life of Lyudmila ZykinaFor the life of Lyudmila Georgievna beat the doctors of the military hospital in Pyongyang, where she is undergoing treatment.Lyudmila Georgievna felt ill three days ago and came down with severe pain.She complained to Korean physicians on "the buzz", heavy legs and General malaise. The doctor immediately checked her pressure and cardiogram done. The results were disappointing - Zykina was severely elevated blood pressure.PressureDoctors Russian stars immediately gathered at a Council has determined the method of treatment.Lyudmila Georgievna has prepared a special infusion of herbs and made compresses.Alas, this time the Eastern method of treatment does not bring results, and in the evening the condition of the 78 year old actress has deteriorated sharply. Tonometer showed the level of pressure 200/180...Doctors hospital immediately contacted the personal physicians of the country's leader Kim Jong-Il.Russian - patient treated by us by special invitation of the father, - has told "Your DAY" one of the staff of the hospital. For her special care, and besides, Ludmila personally oversees the personal physician of our dear Kim Jong Il.After consulting with the luminary of Korean medicine, the hospital decided to apply for the treatment of Zykina traditional drugs. Lyudmila Georgievna has made several vasodilating injections, put on a drip.Now people's artist feels a little better. Читать полностью -->

The first time Russia will host the Festival of Bossa Nova

The first time Russia will host the Festival of Bossa NovaOn 26 October with the support of the holding "MIEL" on the stage of the Moscow art theatre them. Bitter will be the first Russian Festival of Bossa Nova. His idea belongs to Irina Bogushevsk and Alexei Ivashchenko.The festival will feature songs Antonio Jobim, translated by Irina Bogushevsk and Oleksiy Ivaschenko on Russian language. With the Russian text of the "classics" of Bossa Nova will be executed first. In the concert will participate: Irina Bogushevsk and Oleksiy Ivaschenko, Sergey Mazaev and VIP ZONE Orchestra, Alexey Kortnev, Alena Sviridova, "horonko-orchestra and BRASILIS Brazilian team BAND, which will present the traditional Bossa Nova.Musical legacy of Tom Jobim's huge. If you collect all composed songs, then perform them many hours of concerts without a break. Читать полностью -->

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