Глюкоzу pursue constant bouts of illness

ГлюкоzСѓ pursue constant bouts of illnessSinger Natasha Ionova, where doctors diagnosed a serious diagnosis of acute otitis media inner ear, gradually getting better.Glyukoza for all his rebellious nature still listened carefully to the advice of doctors and took on a schedule prescribed medication. The special displeasure of the singer delivered the drops that it was necessary to drip several times a day, and then lie down until they are absorbed.Now Natasha is already not plagued by such terrible pain, as a few days ago. But flying it is still no risk. She and her team had to exchange tickets purchased in advance from Kiev to Moscow by train. How long all this will last is unknown, but the attacks of this disease is constantly pursuing Ionova. As they say in the environment of the singer, her ears - her weak spot, the newspaper "Your day". Читать полностью -->

Candid shots Genie Carmen is the Queen of pin-up

Candid shots Genie Carmen is the Queen of pin-up Although Genie Carmen less known in comparison with his girlfriend Marilyn Monroe, but she does not feel deprived of attention of the public. Genie along with Marilyn filled your way, being photographed for pin-up shots.These photos of the workers and soldiers was pinned to the doors of the cabinets, and truck drivers - to the walls of the cabins. Source: Candid shots Genie Carmen is the Queen of pin-up (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Husband Orbakaite in an emphasis do not notice Metamorfosi wife

Husband Orbakaite in an emphasis do not notice Metamorfosi wifeLook at the nominees at the ceremony tor X Sexy" or to participate in the race sex appeal hurried many artists, bringing friends and relatives.Sergey Shakurov with his wife Natalia, a member of the group "Factory", Vika Daineko, Agniya Ditkovskite with her fiance Alex Chagovim, Alyona Bondarchuk, Tina Kandelaki, the brothers Zapashny, "Serebro", the beauty of "VIA gra", Derek Jeter and other stars.Kristina Orbakaite appeared at the ceremony one of the last, but immediately caused the crowd of journalists a flurry of gossip. A few days ago in the crowd started whispering that successor Alla Borisovna has visited a plastic surgeon. A visit to Aesculapius was caused by a problem with the lips incurred by the 36-year-old star. Christina Edmundovna seemed that lately they don't look too chubby. As a result of the injection of Botox.Shone from the abundance of jewelry diva really noticeably changed. Despite the lack of radical metamorphosis, Chris still gave reason to think that the secular gossip not so fantastic. Читать полностью -->

Show Bachinsky and Stillavin woman will continue

Show Bachinsky and Stillavin woman will continueRadio host Sergei Stillavin, who for many years was the permanent partner of the deceased on 12 January in a car accident Gennady Bachinsky, most likely, will lead a morning show on the radio station "Mayak" in tandem with a woman.This was announced on Friday, RIA Novosti head of the Directorate of radio RTR Sergey Arkhipov.Now Stillavin, according to Arkhipova, is a two-week vacation, after which will return to show "Positive morning" at "Mayak". "First, he will lead the morning show alone, and then see that Sergei was comfortable, and that the audience was comfortable," - said the Agency interlocutor. "I think the man in the couple we plant will not, and in General any leading-man need to have very strong nerves to get to Serezha, because it will be compared with Gennady Bachinsky. Most likely it will be a woman," said Director of broadcasting RTR.Currently morning broadcast "Beacon" is distributed among the other leading radio stations, he added. "Went to the meeting and Anton Komolov with Olga Shelest - they start from ten in the morning, and Katya Novikova with Sasha Charles, too, are not to eight and before ten o'clock," said Arkhipov. Source: Show Bachinsky and Stillavin woman will continue. Читать полностью -->

Gennady Bachinsky was killed in a car accident

Gennady Bachinsky was killed in a car accidentWell-known radio and television presenter Gennady Bachinsky was killed Saturday in a car crash."Gennady died in the accident on the Shchelkovo highway. Gennady himself was driving the car", - informed "Interfax" on the radio "Mayak", where he worked as a journalist.The accident occurred at about 16:00 GMT in the town of Kalyazin. According to preliminary data, the journalist, who was behind the wheel of a car Volkswagen Golf travelling in the direction of Sergiev Posad, tried to overtake a truck and drove into oncoming traffic, where he collided with a van Volkswagen.From the received traumas Bachinsky died on the spot. The second car 3 people were injured.At the end of April Gennady Bachinsky was awarded the prize "Radiomania-2007" in nomination "Best morning show". His work has long gone beyond the radio. In addition to invigorating the radio in the morning, he also had time to TV shows and movies.At "Mayak" he worked for about six months. Читать полностью -->

At Windsor castle for Sarkozy and Bruni cook one bedroom

At Windsor castle for Sarkozy and Bruni cook one bedroomIn the Ministry of foreign Affairs of great Britain believe that the President of France Nicolas Sarki married his girlfriend Carla Bruni before the official visit to London, writes in the Sunday Times newspaper.Thus the French leader and his companion will not have to offer separate bedrooms at Windsor castle, and the British Queen Elizabeth II will avoid the awkward situation, says the publication.Status Bruni has already caused confusion in the diplomatic agencies of some countries, reminiscent of The Times. So, according to some, the diplomats of Saudi Arabia called on Sarkozy not to include her friend in the delegation during the official visit to this country until she officially becomes the "first lady". The Indian authorities were also unable to decide what Protocol to receive the companion of the French President.According to French media, Sarkozy and Bruni were married on 9 February 2008. However, the President himself, commenting on these reports, has said it will not allow the press to show him the wedding date. Source: Windsor castle for Sarkozy and Bruni cook one bedroom. . Читать полностью -->

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