Podolsky became Marlene Dietrich

Podolsky became Marlene Dietrich Transparent black dress, the singer tried on a naked body.For the fashion show Alina Assi, devoted images of the most famous and erotic women in the arts, the singer Natalia Podolskaya from red beast turned into a legendary actress Marlene Dietrich.In a trendy salon on Natasha's face immediately conjured four masters. Thin thread eyebrows, false eyelashes, sponges bow and skillfully superimposed blush - and before us are no longer popular modern singer, and a lady from the middle of the last century.Outfits Marlene Dietrich was famous in his time for the but. The actress couldn't even go outside without protection. Podolsky also tried the famous transparent dress a La Marlene, which she wore exclusively on the naked body. Natasha also decided not to break this "law".A new image of the singer complemented the famous bowler Dietrich and mouthpiece.- I'm brand new. How I love it all! - dressing in front of the mirror satisfied Podolsk. Читать полностью -->

Italy opened the Venetian carnival

Italy opened the Venetian carnivalThe carnival opened with the traditional flight of the angel from the highest bell tower (70 m) in the square of St. Mark to the Doge's Palace.A long white robe from wearing Moschino famous rapper Coolio, who gained worldwide fame through the song "gangsters Paradise", transfers ITAR-TASS.Immediately after his touchdown celebration commenced on all major areas of Venice. This year's carnival, called Sensation about five senses of human perception: sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste, which will represent five of the six Sestiere (city districts). "Sixth sense" to represent St. Mark's square.Tens of thousands of tourists, dressed in traditional Venetian masks and colorful costumes, took to the streets of the city on the lagoon to celebrate this holiday. Venice authorities this year have entrusted the organization of the festival Marco Balich, known for his performances at the Winter Olympics in Turin.According to documentary information about Venice carnival thousands of years. Читать полностью -->

Biographer Tom cruise denies actor's daughter

Biographer Tom cruise denies actor's daughterThe long awaited book by Andrew Morton called "Tom cruise: an informal biography" has not yet appeared on the shelves, but the contained parts are already in press.In her controversial writer, from the pen of which have already appeared books about Princess Diana, Monica Lewinsky, as well as David and Victoria Beckham, as before, leads to dubious "facts" from the life of American actor, according to Reuters.So, Morton writes that little Suri is actually not a native daughter of the cruise, and was conceived from a frozen seed of the founder of the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. Morton compares it with the "rosemary's baby".Cruz in a book called "number two" in the sect after its current leader David Miscavige, who allegedly once ordered to plant a whole field of daisies, because Cruz has expressed a desire to go on it together with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman.The author also writes that the relationship of Tom cruise and Nicole Kidman broke up just because of her cool attitude to Scientology, unwillingness to leave Catholicism and the fact that Kidman's father, psychologist.Meanwhile, the following objectives among celebrities for recruitment in the ranks of Scientologists Morton calls David and Victoria Beckham.Meanwhile, cruise's lawyer, Bert fields, has already been called given in the book data is complete fiction and has threatened to sue if the book goes on sale."This man, and the publisher should be ashamed. He claims to have written a biography, not even talking with anyone who was close with Cruz over the past 30 years," said fields. Source: Biographer Tom cruise denies actor's daughter. . Читать полностью -->

`Ice` shooting Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

`Ice` shooting Anastasia ZavorotnyukAbout the film "the Apocalypse Code", in which the main role was played by "the nanny" Anastasia Zavorotnyuk seems to know everything. However, after the premiere of the film in the public domain are becoming the new details of the shooting.So, beloved Zavorotniuk Sergei Zhigunov said that in any episodes Anastasia was replaced by understudy and about the horrible shooting in the icy water."I'm proud of Nastya, it's very cool," says the actor. - It is unfortunate that in the picture not included the most difficult scene when Anastasia flew fighter in place of the second pilot".Despite the endurance and enthusiasm Zavorotnyuk, in some scenes it was still replaced by the understudy. "In the picture there is huge mileage in the woods. Nastya though constructive criticism, but to run so fast he can't. But still the scene included in the film, She played herself, because at the time of shooting the double hurt".In "Nude" scene Zavorotniuk also played herself, writes "Express newspaper". Читать полностью -->

The Duma was flooded with stars erotic magazines

The Duma was flooded with stars erotic magazines The state Duma of the 5th convocation, the first meeting of which was held the day before, is not only an unusually large number of the fair sex, but a record number of women deputies, starring in provocative poses for magazines frivolous content.Note that the majority of parliamentarians who are fond of candid photoshoot, are members of the party "United Russia".So, the Deputy of the state Duma Svetlana Khorkina got naked for the August issue of Maxim magazine. The MP appeared on the cover of the publication in lace underwear. Under the photo housed the promising title "Khorkina: Very demonstrations, which did not disappoint the people who have glanced at the pages of the publication. After all, there is the MP appeared Topless. Note, this is not the first athletes photoshoot for men's magazine - previously Khorkina was naked for Playboy.Not behind her and a colleague at the State Duma Alina Kabaeva, who posed Nude for the same Maxim. However, the most provocative part of the body of the Deputy covered fur leopard. Читать полностью -->

Fatal charms Julia Roberts

Fatal charms Julia Roberts The way Julia Roberts is the image of a demonic angel in the flesh. For a dazzling and attractive smile hiding a devastating spell.Hottie Julia stirs the secret desires of a strong half of mankind and is proud of her lingering attraction, from which few people had to resist... Source: Disastrous spell of Julia Roberts (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

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