Drunk Bilan disgraced at the presentation of the `Golden gramophone`

Drunk Bilan disgraced at the presentation of the `Golden gramophone`The booze Dima Bilan began in a business-class flight "Moscow - Saint-Petersburg", where he flew to the ceremony "Golden gramophone".Mr. Bilan pretty quickly "came to condition" and on arrival in the Northern capital already could not stand on his feet.The Petersburg fans of the popular singer all morning waiting for him near the hotel "Europe". They wanted to film the arrival of the hero of "Eurovision" in the hotel and take in the peaceful surroundings autographs. What they saw?"At first, he almost fell out of the car, but he managed to get the girl says. - He tried to reach the entrance to the hotel, but it didn't work out. So far, so to speak, went on, lying on its side". Читать полностью -->

In Indonesia said farewell to former President Suharto

In Indonesia said farewell to former President SuhartoOn Monday the funeral has taken place of former President of Indonesia Suharto, who died at the age of 86 years eve, reports the BBC. In the morning the body of the former President was transported from the Indonesian capital of Jakarta to the place of burial in Solo (Java).At the farewell ceremony was attended by President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono with his wife. Being in the family mausoleum, Suharto, the President made a short speech in which he said that "Suharto is an example for us.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Daughter Volochkova celebrated the New year with nannies

Daughter Volochkova celebrated the New year with nanniesFamous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova in the New year, has long been considered the most family holiday, threw little daughter Ariadne in the care of nannies and grandmothers, and she with her husband went on holiday abroad."This New year, I have met in Russia: my husband and I were in Thailand," says the ballerina. - I believe that if Christmas is a family holiday, the New year a more public history. The rest was very interesting because I was with my husband, who is the real organizer of the very best holidays. Daughter we didn't fly, she stayed with my mom and a nurse in a country boarding house".Ballerina accustomed to Shine in society, and in front of her beloved husband, in advance, attended to the choice of festive attire. "My Christmas outfit I sewed Svetlana Lyalina, my designer wedding dresses, - said Anastasia. And remember, once on the new year's ball in Moscow I was in a Chinese costume, and it was made Valentin Yudashkin".What the new year according to the Chinese calendar the year of the Rat, for Anastasia Volochkova does not matter, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."I think most importantly, crisiscore not manifested in people, in their characters," said the ballerina. Читать полностью -->

Abdulov'm sure I'll survive, despite all predictions

Abdulov'm sure I'll survive, despite all predictionsDoctors desperately trying to save the life of seriously ill artist, witnessed a nervous breakdown, which happened at Alexander Gavrilovich. 54 year old actor could not restrain emotions, when doctors gave him the latest results of the analyses.Exhausted cancer Abdulov couldn't believe dry and, of course, fair grounds, doctors and lashed out at them - the people who make everything possible that the disease has receded...TreatmentThe team of doctors two to three times a day he is coming home to barely moving. Alexander Gavrilovich injected the strongest drugs to relieve the unbearable pain. At the same time the doctors brought stellar patient disappointing results."It can't be! - re Abdulov, once familiarized with the documents. I'll find other doctors!Respecting patient artist and feeling sorry for him, the doctors decided not to join the fray, realizing that everyone can take the nerves, if he were in a similar situation.- Cigarette - that's the name of the executioner, who raised his axe above his head Aleksandr Gavrilovich, - said our source at the hospital to which attached Abdulov. - Respiratory organs of the actor are, shall we say, in a deplorable condition. Читать полностью -->

Sobchak to Woo the Ivan Urgant

Sobchak to Woo the Ivan Urgant On the special edition of the program "Fashion verdict" Ivan Urgant almost broke up with his single life. Ksenia Sobchak has publicly proposed to him!On this day, Vyacheslav Zaitsev was listening to "the thing" macho primetime Ivan Urgant and Malediwy Ksenia Sobchak. Vanya accused Ksusha in glamorous style and wrong behavior in society, she tried to prove that Urgant not far from her left.No one could think that the dispute about fashion will result in a different direction - matchmaking.MatchmakingIn addition to Vani and Ksenia in the Studio attended and their parents: dad Urgant and mom Sobchak. When I saw their children, Andrew L. and Lyudmila Borisovna not confused and said they look great together. Ksenia was not lost and hugged Ivan.- What have you held on to me with a death grip? - alarmed Ivan. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears secretly Dating new boyfriend

Britney Spears secretly Dating new boyfriendThe fallen pop star Britney Spears, which selected children after nearly a year of constant partying and reckless antics, they say, made a new boy to perk up.According to the magazine Life & Style, Britney secretly Dating a waiter and an aspiring actor who works in one of her favorite restaurants - "Mirabella".Singer and a certain Michael Marchand seen together for a late dinner, and at her Villa in Malibu, reports AHN.An informed source told the tabloid: "Michael Marchand arrived after midnight, and immediately after this came Britney. They complied with caution. Forty five minutes together they left the restaurant. He was charming. He entertained Britney and looked at her with a secret smile. They left in different cars." "Between them there was a sympathy. Читать полностью -->

Young `fabricante` every day brought to tears

Young `fabricante` every day brought to tears20-year-old participant "Factories of stars-7" Nastya Prikhodko, according to many, is very similar to the former soloist of "VIA gra" Nadja Granovsky. And in this group many see the continuation of a career girl.Recall, the music producer of the current "Factory" - Konstantin Meladze. It is believed that among the "fabricantes" he hopes to find a new soloist for his favorite child - group "VIA Gra".Anastasia Prikhodko was not against to take the vacant place. "I would say that I'm happy with the performance of any desire that is associated with the name of Konstantin Meladze. By the way, when I was 16, I went to Kiev for the casting of "VIA gra".Won the audience award, a prize I was sent to Varna, " she says in an interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". In the end, I won 3rd place, but the group certainly did not hit. Читать полностью -->

Vices, Mature, star girls

Vices, Mature, star girls The beauty, wealth and star status is not a guarantee that their owner would be nice. "Bad girls" were carried out at all times, but now the concentration has reached its maximum.When the secret vices of one or the other stars become apparent, they begin to sharply contrast with the image of charming Babes and innocent doll... and this is like a belated teenage rebellion.The most famous "bad girl" of Hollywood drew was acting kind of Barrymore and she became famous in seven years after starring in "et" by Steven Spielberg. Adults started to drag the baby on the "star" of the party. His first glass of champagne she drank at the age of nine guests actor Rob Lowe. His first "school" tried ten. Читать полностью -->

Litvinov took candid film about Zemfira

Litvinov took candid film about ZemfiraLong ago in our country has not issued a musical movie with popular performers in the title role. It used to be "the Soul" - with Sofia Rotaru, "a Woman who sings with Pugacheva.But then there were the movies and Renata Litvinova has removed a documentary film "Green theatre in Zemfira". And "digital".In the heart of the picture lay last year's concert Zemfira at the Green theater in Gorky Park. Between songs Frank monologues singer who answers questions Renata sitting on the other side of the camera.Zemfira I Litvinova alive, sincere, very beautiful, with a charming smile that will captivate even the most skeptical viewer. The singer, as always, terse, but very honest - of course, within certain limits. Tells how she refers to the fact that people break her intimate area, about how much more is going to sing about his fans, about mom, about the perfect Declaration of love...Litvinova: "Here you come home and there's no one..." Zemfira: "I have A fish. Читать полностью -->

Alexander Revva crazy about the bust Nalimova

Alexander Revva crazy about the bust Nalimova Alexander Revva just screwed your room on the set of the finale of "STS lights superstar" because of the fifth breast size my partner Julia Nalimova.Resident Comedy Club stared in the neckline of the girl and instead of the words of the song spoke into the microphone: "Fuck!!" Needless to say that I had to do another take?All the while the actors rehearsed the room, the view of Alexander was chained to the luxurious forms of a member of a super show. Sometimes adults are so coveted that he forgot the lyrics, but in the end rooms specifically asked the Director to put the camera lens at Yulin bust, singing the last words: "And SMALLER (instead of "less") I disagree!". . . . . Читать полностью -->

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