Diners were shocked by Lolita hairstyles

Diners were shocked by Lolita hairstylesLolita shocked admirers of their talent, appearing at a fancy restaurant with snakes on her head.Hungry Lolita ran in the St. Petersburg restaurant in makeup immediately after shooting at new year's film "the Kingdom of crooked mirrors".On the shooting of the new film by Alexander Yudina singer Lolita ran off the train.- Just arrived from a tour, sorry for delay, - cute smile, said Lola and flapped into his dressing room."Wow, "slight delay"! We are already three hours waiting, " he pouted Philip, who came to the set almost before anyone else. Lolita quickly make up and dressed in a suit Anida (Snake) - Confederate villain Pilipa, which plays Philip.- Lolita Philip perfectly joined in the role of villains, the Director says. They understood each other perfectly. They do not even bother the fact that they intrigue my great friend Nikolai Baskov, who plays Yakupova (Parrot).RestaurantImmediately after the shooting Lolita ran to the nearest restaurant.- The whole day I ate nothing! Immediately carry the menu! she commanded, ignoring the visitors, who lost the gift of speech from crazy hairstyles Lolita.Obviously, without complexes Baba - whispering all. Source: Diners were shocked by Lolita hairstyles. Читать полностью -->

In the U.S., announced the nominees for Grammy

In the U.S., announced the nominees for GrammyA young Russian Opera singer Anna Netrebko and famous conductor Yuri Bashmet and orchestra "Soloists of Moscow" was included in the list of nominees for the award of the American recording Academy Grammy, according to the organizing Committee awards."Russian album" Netrebko recorded it together with the Mariinsky theatre orchestra under Valery Gergiev, will be presented in the category "Best classical vocal performance of the work. Bashmet is nominated for a Grammy award for the second year in a row. For Grammy-2008 he, along with the "Soloists of Moscow" will be eligible for the award in the category "Best performance in the small ensemble for the performance of proizvedenii Stravinsky and Prokofiev, reports RIA "Novosti".In addition, the number of candidates for the award included conductor Dmitry Yablonsky and violinist Anastasia Khitruk, who performed the violin Concerto by Miklos Faces. This season, Grammy very popular classical works by Russian composers: so, the cycle of "Holy week" Grechaninov, recorded with American musicians, presented in five categories - "Best sound editing", "Best producer in the field of classical music", "Best choral performance" and "Best surround sound".For the execution of the "Golden age" of Dmitry Shostakovich's Grammy-nominated the Royal Scottish national orchestra. Orchestra Los Angeles Philharmonic was included in the list of nominees for the performance of "the rite of Spring" by Stravinsky. "Ying Quartet, made up of American musicians of Chinese descent, was nominated for a Grammy in the category "Best performance of chamber music" with his version of three string quartets and sextet "Souvenir of Florence" by Tchaikovsky. Читать полностью -->

Theatre of satire outraged by the rumors about the disease Shirvindt

Theatre of satire outraged by the rumors about the disease ShirvindtAccording to assistant Shirvindt the Vines Bedingte, on Friday, January 25, the actor plays in the play "Arifl" and "there is no question about the cancellation of the show and that he feels bad, don't go.". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan has finally decided to work

Lindsay Lohan has finally decided to work Lindsay Lohan caught on the street together with Batman. And then with the Hulk. And with Spider-Man. And even with the Green Hornet.All this GOP-the company gathered around the singer not just - Lindsay, apparently, takes some parody clip featuring the great kominkowy characters of America.Wow. It finally works... Source: Lindsay Lohan has finally decided to work (photos). Читать полностью -->

Son of Christina Aguilera circumcised

Son of Christina Aguilera circumcisedNew parents Christina Aguilera and her husband Jordan Bratman last Sunday held at his home in Beverly hills Brice - the traditional Jewish rite of circumcision baby, reports eonline.The ceremony was attended by more than a dozen family members and friends. Rite Brice takes place on the eighth day after birth, and little Max Liron Bratman, as it is known, was born in Los Angeles at the clinic on January 12. At the ceremony the boy is also dubbed. His middle name is Liron - in Hebrew means "my song".30-year-old American producer Jordan Bratman observes Jewish rituals. In 2005 they Aguilera got married in a traditional Jewish ceremony in NAPA valley (CA). Source: Son Christina Aguilera circumcised. Читать полностью -->

Dima the Sorcerer decided to take a ride on a black horse

Dima the Sorcerer decided to take a ride on a black horseThe young singer Dima the Sorcerer in the last snowless Moscow days photographers caught riding through the woods on a black horse. Beside him on a white horse sat his friend on the "Factory of stars" singer Sabrina.Sabrina recently returned from England, where he recorded his songs, as you know, Russian artists suffer from the fashion to record it in England. Once in Moscow, the singer recalled that he had met with his old "factory" friend Dima the Sorcerer, almost conquered Eurovision.Dima after the contest has added concerts and different shots, so it was hard to get to a meeting with a friend. But to ride a horse very much like, and Sorcerer decided to go with Sabrina in Moscow Domodedovo to a private farm forests.However, the artists are a peculiar people, even on rides they love to dress up. Arriving at the farm, the Witch and Sabrina found that was not dressed in time year and completely out of place. Because after a few minutes of riding their fine clothes were smeared in dirt. Читать полностью -->

Dedyushko could crash because of a faulty machine

Dedyushko could crash because of a faulty machineThe Prosecutor's office brought criminal case upon road accident that killed the family of Alexander Dedyushko. The reasons for "Toyota" actor jumped at the extreme opposite lane of motorway Moscow-Ufa and collided with a truck, still remain outstanding.The police on this account there are several versions.On one of them, Dedyushko could not cope with running on a slippery road. On the evening of November 3, in the Vladimir region was snowing, the wind did not abate, and on the track, which also was overloaded, ice was formed. It is not excluded that bad weather conditions could prevent a 45-year-old actor to make overtaking. It is also possible that performing the maneuver, Dedyushko did not notice the approaching truck due to poor visibility. Although, according to employees of traffic police, the accident occurred on the stretch of highway, where the two sides are gas stations and the road is well lit. Читать полностью -->


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