Malakhov lured Sedakova in the pool

Malakhov lured Sedakova in the poolRecently, there were rumors that Andrey Malakhov saw coming out of the presidential suites Paris Hilton.What did the presenter do not know, but he came out very happy. Not less happy he was and after a joint swimming in the pool with singer Anna Sedakova.Celebrities not just so carefree splashing in the water, they were members of the new show "wall to Wall". In addition to Andrew and Anna in the game participated the group "Ivanushki International" and Timati.All the celebrities gladly walked through walls, while quirky and sometimes ridiculous poses. During the game, they forgot that they are the stars who "keep the brand". Celebrities frolicked like children.Meanwhile, Anna Sedakova according to the magazine "Maxim" entered the top ten hottest celebrities of Russia. In the same list appears Anna Semenovich, Zhanna Friske, Alina Kabayeva and ex-colleague of Anna group Nadezhda Granovskaya.Shortly before participation in the program Timati was on tour in Samara, where the singer has many fans. Читать полностью -->

I Bulanova affair with an aspiring writer

I Bulanova affair with an aspiring writerSinger Tatyana Bulanova even in the presence of the beloved is ready to meet the new feelings. So, I remember right before our eyes unfolds a romance with an aspiring writer.However, it doesn't happen in real life and on the set of the film Vitaliy Aksenov "Love may be more...". Tatiana Bulanova plays the role of editor of the publishing house Olga.Recall, the singer have already tried himself as a writer, having written the book "Territory of love". Now she decided to become an actress.On the question of why the main role took a singer, not a professional actress, Director Vitaliy Aksenov said: "Because Tanya I personally love: her songs were heard in some episodes of "Cops" that I rented. Very emotional song! But then again, I never knew her. And when did the idea to create this film, I immediately thought about her. Читать полностью -->

Sobchak is unaware of involvement in a love triangle

Sobchak is unaware of involvement in a love triangle Looking for a few days in Courchevel, She and her boyfriend Dmitry Savitsky did not anticipate that they will face abroad with his ex-wife Natalia Sindeeva.Ksenia and Dmitry loved the Breakfast in a local restaurant "Le Springboard", popular among Russian tourists. Sometimes the couple looked into the school and towards evening, when compatriots in it already almost was not, and the tables were occupied by the French or the Italians. In just one of these evenings in this restaurant looked and Natalia Sindeeva with a young gentleman. But after learning that this may come her ex-husband Dmitry (which, by the way, she still works at the radio station "Silver rain"), quickly retreated, almost forgetting about the bar your packages.LoveAccording to one of the waiters "Le Jump," Natalia was very surprised, and then annoyed, realizing that her husband along with a new chosen one can also pay a visit here for dinner.- Madame behaved very strangely, " said "Z" Garson. "At first she was surprised that we can't put you behind empty tables, and then, after talking with one of our Russian guests, literally stormed out of the restaurant.Itself Xenia, according to friends, prefers not to draw attention to it, believing that her love is so strong that she was safe.In its turn, the ex-wife of Dmitry Natalia Sindeeva confessed "Z" that wants to believe that the relationship She and Dima will be long and strong.- You know, they're both very complicated characters, " says Natalia. And such people are very easy to get a long time together. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears celebrated Halloween horrible Striptease

Britney Spears celebrated Halloween horrible Striptease Britney Spears made a drunken Striptease at party to celebrate Halloween, organized extravagant stripper Dita von Teese.The former pop Princess arrived on holiday already slightly tipsy, so even out of the car Britney's happened only with the help appeared in time guards.26-year-old beauty on the tradition of not wearing underwear. However, this time - Hooray! - presence on Britney pantyhose still kept removing the star from the paparazzi new moral shocks.EntertainmentDrinking more alcoholic beverages, Britney began to molest the female half of the party, trying to kiss, and then, proudly throwing off its already minimal dress, began vytantsovyvaetsya exotic Striptease in a giant Martini glass, in which the hostess Dita was filmed for an erotic magazine.When muzzy Britney still pulled off the makeshift stage, miss Spears began loudly cuss judge Scott Gordon, not only that awarding custody of the son of singer Kevin motherhood, and Occitania the other day a girl for too frivolous behavior. "Asshole! Asshole!" - yelled Britney, while the driver carried her to the car. Source: Britney Spears noted the horrible Halloween Striptease (photos). . . Читать полностью -->

Julia Roberts will return to `serious` movie

Julia Roberts will return to `serious` movieA couple of years ago the highest paid actress of the world hold at retirement. "I don't want my kids to know me only on the role of Beauty," she said, and decided to hit the theater.The Broadway play "Three days of rain" in which she played the title role, a great event was not. And, giving birth to another child, Julia Roberts decided to return to the cinema.She plans to play mostly serious role. Anyway, all three new pictures of her participation, which is already declared, - drama. On Christmas eve will be the American premiere of "Charlie Wilson's War," in which she again co-starred in the classic Mike Nichols who once gave Julia one of her best dramatic roles in the movie "Proximity". Partners in this film adaptation of the play by Aaron Zorkin (who wrote "a Few good men") became Tom Hanks and Philip Simur Hoffman.Mindful of the success of pictures of the real heroine Erin Brockovich, Julia will undertake for the role and murdered last year in Kenya, the patroness of the environment Joan Ruth. Читать полностью -->

Angelina Jolie can't forgive his father

Angelina Jolie can't forgive his fatherEveryone knows that Angelina Jolie is not the best relationship with his father, Academy award-winning actor John Voight. The man repeatedly attempted to reconcile with star daughter and her brother James Haven, but while the kids are still unwilling to communicate with his father.Recently, James haven has given interview in which has told how the care of the family of John Voight has affected their lives. The young man says he now tries to help other abandoned women and children, remembering his difficult childhood."I don't want to constantly berate my father," says James haven, - I wish him all the best, and I hope he will find peace, but because his mother suffered for years".John Voight does not consider himself so much a villain. "It just breaks my heart that my children want to make me the bad guy. I think it all comes from the fact that for years they were "programmed" maternal anger, because it is - and it can be understood - felt very vulnerable after divorce. If the truth be told, I always tried to give them and their mother's love and support and large sums of money. Читать полностью -->

Wife Khabensky was transferred to a normal ward

Wife Khabensky was transferred to a normal wardThe wife of the famous actor Konstantin Khabensky Anastasia after birth did not go home with the baby, and went to another clinic. The woman found the education in the right hemisphere of the brain".After the examination, the doctors decided to remove it education. In scientific research Institute of neurosurgery named Burdenko Anastasia Khabensky had a complicated surgery.Quite a long time, the woman remained in intensive care. Now, fortunately, her condition stabilized. CPR Anastasia has already been transferred to normal ward.However, home Anastasia Khabensky will go soon. She has yet to undergo rehabilitation at the hospital. Читать полностью -->

InoSMI: French President Sarkozy secretly married

InoSMI: French President Sarkozy secretly marriedFrench President Nicolas Sarkozy married former Italian supermodel Carla Bruni. Secret and very modest ceremony was held last week on January 10 at the Elysee Palace.It is reported by the newspaper L'est Republicain citing an anonymous source, allegedly attended the event, reports representative of the President David Martinon refused to comment on this information, writes 14 January, the news Agency France Press.Note: mother of Carla Marisa Bruni told on the phone that he knew nothing about the wedding of his daughter. Previously, she has already met with the President of France and he told her about Carla made the proposal of marriage.Usually such events as the wedding of the President announced in the press. However, according to informed sources, it can be celebrated in a limited range without alerting the public, pending specially the permission of the state's attorney.We will remind, earlier the newspaper Journal du Dimanche (JDD) first reported that French President Nicolas Sarkozy made a formal offer to Carla Bruni, the Italian former model and singer, and the wedding will take place on 8 or 9 February.The author of the note said in an interview with AFP that the newspaper had "good reasons" to publish this information, however, must be treated with caution, because the journalist at a ceremony in the Elysee Palace was not present.On the eve of the French blogosphere, and behind her, and quite respectable publications such as the Journal du Dimanche, the British Daily Mail, the Swiss Agency Romandie and Italian Ansa, released information about a possible pregnancy of the girlfriend of the French President, ex-model and singer Carla Bruni.The source of this information was the publication that very careful first published such exciting information. However, once the rumors of pregnancy Bruni reached hurricane velocity, hastened to abandon his "authorship".At a recent press conference, Sarkozy, responding to a question about his relationship with Carla Bruni, said: "We are with Carla decided not to lie. If you fear that we act deliberately - do not send photographers. Читать полностью -->

Malakhov has dedicated operations Sobchak report

Malakhov has dedicated operations Sobchak reportAndrey Malakhov decided to try something new, now he became the chief editor of a new glossy magazine about the lives of stars. First news, which told Malakhov was information about plastic surgery Xenia Sobchak."I understand, kseniia Sobchak my friend, but the information about her plastic surgery, we could not miss. In our magazine devoted a special report", " Andrew said.From the report it is clear that in America Xenia just rested and no surgeries she did. They say that perhaps Xenia will maintain a column for Malakhov. While the column is only in the editor, it is called "Diary of Andrew". In it, the presenter shares the secrets of her friends znamenitosti. Читать полностью -->

Named the most dangerous women in the world

Named the most dangerous women in the worldFamous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet are in the most sexy and dangerous women 2007 - Femme Fatales.The rating involved the "most sexy and deadly women, and it was headed by Kerry Washington for her role in the Comedy romance "I Think I love my wife". Second place among the "Femme fatale" belongs to Christina Ricci for the role in the drama "black snake Moan".Third place in the ranking 2007 Femme Fatales version FilmStew took Winona Ryder, who played the sexy and deadly at The Ten, fourth - saffron Burrows for the drama "All in your power", telling about the terrorist attack of 11 September 2001 in the USA, reports China Daily.In fifth place - actress Karis van Hoten, who played in the drama of Paul Verhoeven's "Black book", sixth place in the rating belongs to Ri Rasmussen ("angel-A" Hatch Sleepless), the actress Danielle Panabaker for her role in "Who are you, Mr. Brooks?" has got to seventh position.Kate Winslet took the eighth position due to the role in the film John Turturro's "romance & cigarettes", Angelina Jolie is in ninth place with the image of Grendel's mother, the personification of pure evil in the film "Beowulf", closes the "Top 10" Jennifer Love Hewitt for her role in "the Devil and Daniel Webster" directed by Alec Baldwin, reports Telegraf. Source: Named the most dangerous women in the world. . . Читать полностью -->

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