Experiences brought Baskov to exhaustion

Experiences brought Baskov to exhaustionDiet and exercise there is absolutely nothing to do with it, " he explained to the astonished audience singer. - Have you heard about what happened in my life.I separated from my wife (the artist was married to the daughter of pharmaceutical magnate Boris Spiegel Svetlana. - Approx. ed.). Now she doesn't let me see my eight month old son Bronislaw. That's because of all these experiences and I lost weight. Читать полностью -->

Orbakaite throws son from Russia

Orbakaite throws son from RussiaWe already wrote about the fact that the son of Christina Orbakaite and Vladimir Presnyakov going to study in new York. According to the boy's father, Nikita is forced to leave Russia, because here he's not able to develop normally in terms of creativity.Recently the father and the son Presnyakova gave a joint interview that many things have been clarified."Our country has good institutions and wonderful teachers," says Vladimir Presnyakov, turning to his son. "But you initially increased stellar boy. And whatever you do, you always increased attention and criticism: "Grandson Pugacheva sing normally can't" and so on. And there will not do. There you will be able to open up and turn around. Читать полностью -->

Jolie believes his daughter an outcast in the family

Jolie believes his daughter an outcast in the familyHollywood star Angelina Jolie has successfully combined an acting career with raising four children. With her lover brad pitt, the actress built up of three adopted kids and one native daughter Shiloh Nouvel.With his only biological child of Angelina considers an outcast in his family, the newspaper Sun. All the other kids in the family is really very different from star parents and their daughter.Maddox was born in Cambodia. He was swarthy, with dark hair and eyes. His sister Zahara Marley was born in Ethiopia and has the proper appearance. Pax Thien - latest adopted son of pitt and Jolie is originally from Vietnam and is also very similar to the parents.So little Shiloh Nouvel looks really white crow in the background of the brothers and sisters."She looks like brad. Читать полностью -->

Died the founder of the world's first detox

Died the founder of the world's first detoxDied in Prague Jaroslav Skala, founder of the world's first detox. Medical facility for treatment of alcohol dependence he founded in 1951 in Prague hospital "Apolinario".Professional psychiatrist decided to treat alcoholics, because found that they constitute half of patients in psychiatric units.In the Czech Republic and now lives the largest number of alcoholics in Europe - according to experts, 300 thousand people, according to Radio Prague".Daily alcohol use of more than six per cent of adults, and several times a week to drink it 15% of adult Czechs. Source: Dead founder of the world's first detox. . . . Читать полностью -->

Stellar business woman overtook the mysterious death

Stellar business woman overtook the mysterious deathThe Manhattan police are investigating a mysterious and, apparently, the scandalous case: in my own apartment was found dead known in the circles of Hollywood celebrities businesswoman. On her body in the preliminary examination is a strange injury.They put detectives on the idea of violent death.Now they have to find out whether the woman died at the hands of the killer. And if so, who'd want to hurt Linda Stein, 62-year-old lady, who for many years had the stars help business plan.The apartment of the deceased was located on Fifth Avenue, one of the most prestigious areas of Manhattan. No sign of forced entry, which could be indicative of penetration into the apartment by an unknown attacker, no. In addition, the autopsy showed the woman died from blunt force injuries of the head and neck.Dottie Herman is the closest friend of the deceased, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company Р rudential Douglas Elliman, a staff member who was dead, said to the police that the last time Linda Stein had serious health problems. She was diagnosed with "breast cancer".The patient, according to her friend, was suffering from dizziness and bouts of nausea, so that she had received the injury could hypothetically be the result of a bad fall in a faint. Читать полностью -->

Kristina Orbakaite increased lips

Kristina Orbakaite increased lipsOn the anniversary of Sofia Rotaru singer appeared with a modified smile.In the last days in the secular parties discuss the new lips of Christina Orbakaite. The smile singer was more splendid than, and the shape of the lips even bigger.Updated smile Christina showed others at the jubilee concert of Sofia Rotaru.Rumor has it that recently the city asked for help to cosmetologists. I must say that the singer is no stranger to such procedures. For the first time under the surgeon's knife Kristina went a few years ago to do a nose job. Compared to this procedure lip augmentation painless and quick. In just a few hours and 300 - $ 800 you can get a new mouth. Читать полностью -->

Rene Zellwegger an urgent need to get fat to 20 kg

Rene Zellwegger an urgent need to get fat to 20 kgWriter Helen Fielding finishes work on the third part of the history of Bridget Jones, and Renee will soon again have to score at least 20 kg of weight to get into the skin of unlucky plump Bridget."It's terrible," complained the actress. - To gain weight for the role is not so great as many believe. Yeah, the first two days of fun all the time eating chocolate, pizza and spaghetti, but then all this starts to feel sick and want to go to the gym. Also - sadly added Rene - after each role I often have to visit the doctor. Indeed, such a rapid change in weight is not conducive to the preservation of health". Source: Rene Zellwegger an urgent need to get fat to 20 kg. Читать полностью -->

Anfisa Chekhov advises MPs to be more modest

Anfisa Chekhov advises MPs to be more modestAnfisa Chekhov has given interview to the newspaper "Arguments and Facts", which talked about how to get a man, told that the people in Russia, according to her observation, becoming more and more liberated, and was appalled by the hypocrisy and pretentious sex orgies deputies.About menAs Chekhov said, "our modern society requires a man too much. That it drew the attention of the worthy woman, the man has too many and difficult to work with. Every second to strain to think about expanding his business, new contacts. He, poor man, I don't have sex, but thoughts about a career, car, etc.And just physically do not have time for love, he could not invite to the negotiations favourite lady in the toilet and have sex with her? And, then, statistics is a strange thing. For example, there is evidence that the average man has sex more often than the woman. Who then, sorry? With members of their own sex? Or myself?". Читать полностью -->

JK Rowling breaks up with Harry Potter

JK Rowling breaks up with Harry PotterBreakup with Harry Potter was the author of the epic JK Rowling more severe event than a divorce with her husband."It was the worst breakup of my life, far worse than parting with any man," said 42-year-old Rowling in London at the ceremony of awarding the South Bank Show Award, which she was awarded for outstanding achievement, writes The Times.The writer was married to Neil Murray in Scotland in 2001. Her previous marriage to a Portuguese TV journalist Jorge Aranesa collapsed shortly after the couple had a daughter Jessica in 1993. The last book Rowling, tells the story of the boy wizard, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" was released in 2007."However, this was for me a great opportunity to stop and take a breath to think, "my God, look what happened to the idea that you visited 17 years ago on the train," added the writer is a multimillionaire. Books about Harry Potter has sold over 400 million copies worldwide and brought its Creator 545 million dollars in revenue.The first book Rowling wrote when there was one on his hands with her little daughter after divorcing Aranesa. The writer said: "In my mind there was always a gap between what happens in a fantasy world, where I spend a few hours a day, and what is happening with my books in reality. Although I noticed that when I came royalties".In an interview backstage after receiving the award, Rowling was deprived of the last hope of Harry Potter fans who want to see new books about his favorite hero. Читать полностью -->

`Hooker` accused of boy George in the violence

`Hooker` accused of boy George in the violenceStar 80-ies, singer Fight George were charged with unlawful imprisonment because he was chained "boy" in his apartment, reports AFP.Scotland Yard reported that 47-year-old musician, known for his hit " Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? was accused of the incident in his London apartment on April 28 of this year.28-year-old boy on call" Norwegian Auden Carlsen then told that boy George and another man grabbed him and cuffed when he was at their invitation that came to his house to pose for a photo shoot.According to Carlsen, playing with whips and sex toys, with the words "Now you're gonna get what they deserve", George and his friend chained him to the wall. The man managed to escape, pulling the hook out of the wall.Boy George (real name George Odowd) was released on bail and must appear in court in London on November 22.Last August, the boy George was forced to change the microphone on the broom to go through a week of public works due to the fact that he gave a false report of theft from his apartment in Manhattan. Arrived at the scene the police found the cocaine.Now boy George performs as a DJ and produces clothing under the label B-Rude. Source: "the Boy on call" accused boy George of violence. . . Читать полностью -->

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