The star of `Brokeback mountain` was found dead in his apartment

The star of `Brokeback mountain` was found dead in his apartmentAustralian actor Heath Ledger was found dead in his new York apartment in Manhattan, according to live CNN TV channel. The body of the actor was found Sunday by his housekeeper.Police have yet to release any details of the death of Ledger. Meanwhile, according to Variety, the NYPD does not exclude the version about a drug overdose: near the body of the actor were found some medications, reports RIA "Novosti"."We are looking into the possibility of the death having occurred as the result of a drug overdose," according to Variety the words of the representative of the city police.Lately in the personal life of the actor, not everything went smoothly in September he broke up with his girlfriend Michelle Williams, who also starred in "Brokeback mountain" and who was the mother of his two daughters, informs bi-Bi-si.According to critics, the actor could become a star as the Joker in the last series of the epic on Batman, which should be released this year.28-year-old Heath Ledger became famous thanks to the movie "Brokeback mountain" by ang Lee about the cowboys-homosexuals, where he played a major role. Shooting in this film earned him a nomination for "Oscar" and "Golden globe" for best actor. In addition, the Ledger has played in such bands as "the Patriot", "a knight's tale", "the Brothers Grimm", "Casanova" and "monster's Ball".Heath Ledger was engaged to actress Michelle Williams (Michelle Williams), which broke up in September 2007. From Williams, the actor left a two year old daughter Matilda rose (Matilda Rose). Читать полностью -->

Cecilia Sarkozy, a man believes his life Richard

Cecilia Sarkozy, a man believes his life RichardThe ex-wife of the President of France, Cecilia Sarkozy filed a lawsuit against the author of a book about herself , which she attributed unflattering remarks about the former husband Nicolas Sarkozy.Former first lady of France has denied any involvement in the passages of the book "Cecilia" and demands to cancel its release, which is scheduled for the coming days, reports RIA "Novosti".The court will make a decision on the matter on Friday, January 11."Cecilia Sarkozy has authorized its attorneys to initiate the procedure necessary to protect its rights in regard to the words attributed to her in Madame Anna Bitton", - is informed in the communique of the former first lady of France, but other details of the trial data are not yet available. Weeklies Point and Nouvel Observateur has published excerpts from the controversial book - the ex-wife makes critical comments about personal qualities of the President of France and his environment.In particular, the former companion of the President allegedly calls Sarkozy "unreliable", "unbalanced" person and a "miser", and his Ministers a "criminal gang"."He doesn't deserve respect. Nicolas does not match the position of President of the Republic, he has difficulties in behavior," such words ascribes Cecilia Sarkozy, the author of the book, journalist Anna Bitton."He doesn't like anyone and even their children. Most women would kill to be in my place, but I wanted to leave," reportedly said Cecilia Sarkozy."Now that he no longer first lady, he needs to go out with beautiful girls under the arm, dressed in Dior" - so in the book Cecilia speaks of the companions Sarkozy, with whom he appeared in public after the divorce. Bitton says that the French President warned his wife that if she wants to go back, we must do it immediately, otherwise the seat will be occupied by another."If she wants to go back, she needed it done quickly. The list of those who would like to take her place, long. Читать полностью -->

Matt Damon left $1 thousand a tip for a Cup of coffee

Matt Damon left $1 thousand a tip for a Cup of coffeeHe was recently named the sexiest man in the world, and now it turns out that the generosity of Matt Damon in no way inferior to its attractiveness, reported showbizspy.The star of "the Bourne Ultimatum" was struck by the staff at the restaurant Ago in Miami, when he left a Cup of coffee is $ 1,000 tip."It was incredible, they could not believe. This is a nice restaurant with a very famous and wealthy clientele - but even there these tips no one gives," said an informed source.37-year-old actor, who lives in one of the most exclusive suburbs of Miami with his family, is known for his modesty and charm.In the restaurant, he came in the morning to drink a Cup of coffee. Although the actor refused to be photographed with one of the waiters, he more than compensated for it with your wallet. Instead of the usual 10% for a Cup of coffee cost $ 5 Damon left 20000%."Matt came alone. He was wearing a baseball cap and t shirt. He was very helpful and courteous. Читать полностью -->

The funeral of Alexander Abdulov over the scandal

The funeral of Alexander Abdulov over the scandalDuring the burial of the body of actor friends of the deceased brutally insulted his widow Julia Kristina Miloslavskaya.The widow of the deceased tried to take the process into their own hands and give reasonable orders, when suddenly several men roughly pulled her up."Thou art not here to give orders! Stand there and be quiet!" "said a hurtful word of mouth is the closest seemed to be friends of the family.Julia was a terrible tantrum. It long could not calm...FarewellOnly by a lucky chance nobody has suffered during the civil funeral in "Lenkom".A crowd of thousands of fans of the actor at some point divided, and a huge number of citizens were on the streets. As promised people later allow to go to the theatre and to say goodbye to Abdulov - none of this happened.According to one of participants of the cordon, "the leadership feared a possible loss of life, if crush inside the building exit and entrance"."I came specially to say goodbye to Alexander Gavrilovich from Siberia, - told "Your DAY" one of the outraged fans of the actor. - I'm not afraid of the cold, I - Siberian. But what scares me is that we - ordinary Russians - were divided into those who can say at the tomb Abdulov last words, and for those who can not be allowed in the theatre.Meanwhile in the hall, where was located the coffin with the body of the deceased, calmly passed the stars of our show business.- Maybe we have a daughter and not as a luxury bouquet as Pugacheva - lamenting a resident of St. Petersburg Nina Petrovna, who came to Moscow to bid farewell to Abdulov, but we would also like to pay tribute and gratitude to Alexander Gavrilovich. Читать полностью -->

Decl does not trust the education of his son women

Decl does not trust the education of his son womenCyril Tolmatskogo known under the name of Decl, personally she is raising a two year old son.Modern women can't be trusted no kids, no housework, no cooking - they are not adapted for it, " says the rapper. - It is in principle correct. I believe that a woman should take care of yourself and husband and do nothing else.Here and in our family, my son, I do more than my wife. Julia is always busy on photo shoots, fashion shows. I'm in your spare time with pleasure watching Tony. And when going on tour, for the son is watching "moustached nurses" my black friend from Madagascar. Читать полностью -->

Jennifer Lopez expecting twins

Jennifer Lopez expecting twinsJennifer Lopez completed his tour of America and was engaged in the preparation for childbirth. Future mother arranges these forays into children's clothing stores.Although J Lo and her husband Marc Anthony don't tell details about the pregnancy of the singer, the Supervisory journalists still make some conclusions. So, the recent campaign for Jennifer odezhki for a long-awaited baby has brought them to the idea that 38-year-old star is expecting twins. Rumors went about that in Hollywood a long time ago, and the last purchase in a chic Los Angeles baby store Petit Tresor their further strengthened. The parents got a pair of overalls pink and blue, which got all the idea about waiting for their twins, People magazine writes. Informed sources from the environment of the spouses confirmed the publication of this information.Recall that in mid-November, Jennifer Lopez was in the hospital with a threatened miscarriage. Читать полностью -->

Nicolas Sarkozy has an affair with Barbie French television

Nicolas Sarkozy has an affair with Barbie French televisionOne of the most beautiful French TV presenter Laurence Ferrari has a chance to become the first lady of France. Evidence novel Sarkozy and TV journalist, already typed a lot.However, the French media, which has always been famous for caution, reluctant to give details, reports RIA "Novosti".Laws that guard the secrets of private life in this country is very strict, but on account of the President, at least one fired the editor who allowed us to post photos of Cecilia Sarkozy in the society of her lover. So the news about the affair of the French President report of the Belgian, Swiss and Moroccan media.Until recently, Laurence Ferrari was married to TV journalist Thomas Hugoson, but a few weeks ago they announced their divorce. Immediately after it again came rumors that the 41-year-old presenter an affair with the President of France.'ve seen them together at dinner in the restaurant. In addition, the presenter is often the case in Paris official residence of the President - the Elysee Palace. In early November, media of Morocco informed about what was seen at the hotel where the French President during his private visit to this country.In March this year, during the presidential election race, Laurence Ferrari recorded an interview with Nicolas Sarkozy, and "the incredible attraction between them," according to the newspaper Daily Mail, were not hid from the eyes of the audience". Читать полностью -->

Reese Witherspoon rejected the proposal of marriage

Reese Witherspoon rejected the proposal of marriageThere is nothing better than a romantic trip to Italy to propose to his sweetheart's hand and heart. However, for the 26-year-old actor Jake Gyllenhaal it didn't work. When in Rome he proposed to his girlfriend Reese Witherspoon, she rejected it.Although the star, they say, are crazy about him, but she isn't going to, reported by Gossip Girls.An informed source said: "Reese says that after the divorce with her ex-husband Ryan Philippe is still too early to think again about marriage. She very much loves Jake, but she just finally got divorced and doesn't want to make hasty decisions".Making the offer, Jake proved himself a true romantic. That day they walked around the Plaza of Spain, went to the Church of trinitГ  dei Monti", climbed the hill "Monte Mario" and dined at the famous cafГ© "zodiac". There Jake got on his knees and has asked Reese. Читать полностью -->

`Valkyrie` has been postponed until autumn 2008

`Valkyrie` has been postponed until autumn 2008The film Studio United Artists and MGM has moved the premiere of the film directed by Bryan singer with Tom cruise starring Valkyrie from 4 July to 3 October 2008, according to Variety.The singer will take the stage of the battle, which explains how the hero Cruz, a Nazi officer, participated in the conspiracy to assassinate Adolf Hitler, has lost its eyes and fingers. Initially the scene, which takes place during the hostilities in North Africa, is planning to shoot outside the U.S., however, the Studio has revised these plans and is now engaged in the search for a suitable place in the USA.Studio UA wants to be sure that there is enough time to complete the work. Originally the premiere was planned for June 27. "Valkyrie" is the first film since finishing work on the film "Superman returns".Singer plans to finish out the scene in February, and the production of tapes to be completed by October. The postponement of the premiere of "Valkyrie" means that the movie will be released early next Oscar season.The decision to postpone the premiere of "Valkyrie" explains why earlier United Artists moved from March to 27 June, the start of the film by Timur Bekmambetov "wanted" with Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman in the lead roles. The fact that this day is considered one of the most profitable for the American market. Читать полностью -->

Abdulov maintains relationships with his ex-wife

Abdulov maintains relationships with his ex-wifeAlexander Abdulov, as we already wrote, on Thursday received the award "For merits before Fatherland" IV degree from the President. The ceremony was also attended by the former wife of actor Irina Alferova.Irina Ivanovna on this day received the title of people's artist of Russia. Of course, the former spouses could not fail to notice each other at the ceremony.Having met this official event, Abdulov and Alferov even about something talked. However, the conversation was short-lived. According to witnesses, Alexander Gavrilovich looked tired. In the few months that he is struggling with illness, the actor lost weight and looked hunched.During the ceremony, Abdulov and Alferov is in the back row, but we sat together. Читать полностью -->

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