Weeping Spears ran over a photographer

Weeping Spears ran over a photographerReturning from a trial in which Britney Spears was denied the right to visit their children, the singer was so deep in shock that hit the man.Witnesses told police that crying Britney didn't notice the photographer edition TMZ, approached her to photograph. As a result pop star moved his Mercedes his leg, calmly continuing the route, reports Prevday. The man was taken by ambulance. Source: Weeping Spears ran over a photographer. . . Читать полностью -->

Financial fraud Dima Bilan

Financial fraud Dima BilanAround the touring Dima Bilan broke out a real scandal - a singer who wanted to perform for free in front of Petersburg students, accidentally learned that the University administration began to sell his concert tickets.The popular actor had planned to arrive in St. Petersburg University of trade unions for a corporate party dedicated to the celebration of the anniversary of the student magazine.However, a few days before the concert Dima suddenly learned about financial fraud with tickets, the newspaper "Your day"."I wanted the students a holiday to give! - outraged the singer. - What is it?! Dishonest dealers even from good works, strive to benefit! It's just a fraud, a hoax guys!Shocked by the incident, the actor initially refused to speak at the University, but then decided not to cancel free concert - students are prepared for his arrival, waiting, and Bilan did not deceive their expectations.While the University was selling tickets for a free concert of Dima, and continue to sell them. Source: Financial fraud Dima Bilan. . . Читать полностью -->

`Soyuzmultfilm` suing `Comedy Club` because of Cheburashka

`Soyuzmultfilm` suing `Comedy Club` because of CheburashkaFSUE "the film Fund film Studio Soyuzmultfilm" intends to ask the creators of "the best film", the company Comedy Club Production, to pay compensation for using the image of Cheburashka.In the event of failure of the FSUE ready to go to court. Experts believe that following the "Soyuzmultfilm" with claims to a Comedy Club Production, whose project broke the Russian record box office in the first weekend, will start to contact other companies, reports RBC Daily.As stated by the official representative of the Federal state unitary enterprise "the film Fund film Studio Soyuzmultfilm" Arnold Tatarintsev, using the image of Cheburashka in "the best film", its creators have violated copyrights of "Soyuzmultfilm". "We are the successor of the Soviet film Studio "Soyuzmultfilm", and we hold rights to use the cartoon and its individual elements, including characters that were created in the Studio. Comedy Club Production had to get permission to use the image of the Cheburashka cartoon, which is issued for a fee," he explained.According to Tatarintseva, next week the representatives of FSUE intend to contact the creators of "the best film" for compensation. "The amount of compensation must be significant, given the popularity of the film (for the first four days the film has collected 16.5 million dollars in Russia) and the nature of the violation. If we fail to agree, the state will likely appeal to the court against the creators of the film. Читать полностью -->

Mistress Beckham candid

Mistress Beckham candid The alleged mistress of David Beckham turned out to be a lesbian. With the revelations about the personal life of former assistant English footballer Rebecca Luz, which claimed that allegedly had an affair with him, made her ex - TV presenter Emma Basden.She admitted that does not exclude parallel link Rebecca Luz with her and Beckham. "She is a wonderful person to have a relationship: fun, loving and very sexy," said Basden. 26-year-old Rebecca Luz has received in its history, a fee of ВЈ 350,000 from the British newspaper News of the World, where was then published another controversial article about the personal life of the famous English footballer.David Beckham made a statement in his own name, where, in particular, said: "during the last months I often read different ridiculous stories about my private life. The real truth is that I'm happily married, I have a wonderful life and two very special children," said Beckham. Source: Beckham Mistress extremely Frank (photo). Читать полностью -->

Russell Crowe will replace pitt

Russell Crowe will replace pittRussell Crowe will replace brad pitt on the set of the political drama State of Play. Pitt refused the lead role in the film last week because of problems with the script.This led to conflict with representatives of Universal studios, who wanted to continue shooting on the original text. Even meeting with Director Kevin MacDonald has not led to any results. At the moment to make any edits to the script impossible due to the writers ' strike, reports Reuters.MacDonald (the author of the film "the Last king of Scotland") spent the weekend in Australia, trying to persuade Crowe to participate in the project. The actor had to fit in a rather busy schedule of shooting in State of Play. Contract Crowe in the near future should take part in the Nottingham film from Universal, the film adaptation of the stories about Robin hood directed by Ridley Scott.Previously as potential candidates to replace pitt was considered the actor johnny Depp. Читать полностью -->

`VIA Gra` again became a trio

`VIA Gra` again became a trioSexy blonde Vera Brezhnev decided to rejoin the group to return to her former popularity, informs "Your day".Care from the team of Vera Brezhneva, one of the most colorful member of "VIA gra", significantly reduced the former popularity of the group and the revenue producers. And indeed the darling of men Brezhnev, despite the family fortune, could not long remain in the shadow of show business.So Faith decided to join Albina and Meseda to return the group to its former ratings.After the wedding with businessman Mikhail Kiperman Brezhnev decided to stop work in the group. Husband advised her to begin a solo career, but she made her own choices: after several months off Brezhnev said that he was going to return to the "VIA gra", because she can't live without the group.According to the environment of the singer, when the former soloist of the group saw the new video for the song "Kissing", it has captured the creative zeal and she announced to the producers that is returned to the group."Yes, Faith has decided to return to the team," said the Director of "VIA gra" Dmitry Kostyuk. - She never said that out completely. Faith has had time to rest and meditation, and she realized that she cannot live without "VIA gra".Thus, together with the two remaining soloists, Meseda Bagaudinova and the Albina Dzhanabaeva, "VIA Gra" again became a trio. Source: "VIA Gra" again became a trio. Читать полностью -->

`Awful` sexy outfits of the stars on Halloween

`Awful` sexy outfits of the stars on Halloween Approaching the worst and most fun night of the year, which means that all have already started to revise your wardrobe to shock others with their Halloween attire.After all, the craziest ideas are always remembered and discussed for a long time, so the famous English feast of love the stars around the world. "Business Style" - most interesting outfits celebrities on Halloween of yesteryear.31 October 2005 Paris Hilton attended a party Halloween Manshion Party, hosted by actress Haley Duff, in costume reflecting the essence of a sex symbol - in pink fluffy Bunny ears, Lacy underwear, stockings and little pink purse matching with attached pink tail. Apparently, Paris has decided to use the holiday to once again demonstrate her beautiful body. Not a bad solution for those girls who are not ashamed of your figure.Rapper Sean Combs, better known as P. Diddy, but in 2004 the party Mariah Carrie, held at new York nightclub Cain, boarded his Rolls Royce in full Gladiator regalia. She Mariah Carey earlier in the year came to a party in a mermaid costume, exposing her elegant bust and great legs. Читать полностью -->

Anna Mikhalkova breaks records weight gain

Anna Mikhalkova breaks records weight gain Academy USA made Nikita Mikhalkov's film "12" among the five foreign films competing for the award "Oscar". While his father prepares to fight for the coveted Golden statuette, his eldest daughter Anna excelled not in the professional sphere.Anna Mikhalkov once again recovered. This time the actress broke its own weight record she set a year ago - on the award "White elephant" 2007 all discussed how much better Anna Nikitichna. After that, the actress took her appearance and noticeably thinner. The film premieres this year, her constant companion was a huge bowl of popcorn. And, apparently, this relationship is brought Mikhalkova unpleasant consequences.The award "White elephant" this year, the actress was hard to recognize, it was literally twice. Читать полностью -->

Guard Lindsay Lohan `lit` in the groin paparazzi

Guard Lindsay Lohan `lit` in the groin paparazzi On Halloween only recently check out of rehab Lindsay Lohan has again hit the headlines, but not because fancy suit and not because of his scandalous behavior.This time scored a new harsh guard Lohan, who with all his strength "light" into the groin of paparazzi stalking, reports the metro.co.uk.The incident was caught on video. On the tape, as the actress is trying to leave the Parking lot so that the paparazzi are unable to photograph it. Covering Lohan umbrella from camera lenses, the guard leads her to the car. Along the way he strikes between the legs of one of the most annoying photographer.They say the new guard Lohan previously served in the IDF, he rarely smiles and is very serious about his work. "This guy is not talking in vain. Recently he approached me while I was waiting for Lindsay at the exit from the dance Studio, and popularly explained that if I leave, am I dead," said one of the paparazzi.Source: the Guard Lindsay Lohan "light" into the groin of the paparazzi (video). Читать полностью -->

Sienna Miller boasted buttocks

Sienna Miller boasted buttocks Actress Sienna Miller could not resist and broke his promise never to show your ass. Hollywood beauty again completely undressed in the film "Cocktail for Hippies".Sexy blonde, better known short romance with actor Jude law than their roles, once again demonstrated their naked charms."Cocktail for Hippies" in hire is not released yet, but because of the abundance of scenes with naked Sienna's attention is already attracted.By the way, undressing in his previous film, miss Miller promised that this will be the last time.- I'm an actress, not a Playboy model - indignant beauty. Now I'm going to attract viewers acting talent and not bare ass.Apparently, the appeal of naked fifth point Sienna was still higher than the strength of her acting talent. Source: Sienna Miller boasted buttocks (photos). . . Читать полностью -->

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