Abdulov maintains relationships with his ex-wife

Abdulov maintains relationships with his ex-wifeAlexander Abdulov, as we already wrote, on Thursday received the award "For merits before Fatherland" IV degree from the President. The ceremony was also attended by the former wife of actor Irina Alferova.Irina Ivanovna on this day received the title of people's artist of Russia. Of course, the former spouses could not fail to notice each other at the ceremony.Having met this official event, Abdulov and Alferov even about something talked. However, the conversation was short-lived. According to witnesses, Alexander Gavrilovich looked tired. In the few months that he is struggling with illness, the actor lost weight and looked hunched.During the ceremony, Abdulov and Alferov is in the back row, but we sat together. Читать полностью -->

Sean Penn divorced his wife because of Sienna Miller

Sean Penn divorced his wife because of Sienna MillerAt least, so say friends of the couple, whose Union lasted about 20 years. In the example they cite a recent party room new York city hotel, where Sienna, dressed in a revealing outfit, sat on the lap of Sean and gently stroked him on the neck.Miller immediately responded to this attack: "of Course, I love Sean. He's gorgeous, but I also really like Robin and would never do something that could cause harm. Easy for me to communicate with friends is very important physical contact".Not surprisingly, the majority of friends of the actress as a result turn out to be her lovers... Source: Sean Penn divorced his wife because of Sienna Miller. . Читать полностью -->

Millions of readers Maksim - fiction `Gala records`

Millions of readers Maksim - fiction `Gala records`Singer of songs of his own composition, acting under a male name MAKSIM (aka Marina MAKSIMOVA, aka Marina Abrosimova), last year was crowned with many awards as the best selling Russian artist.According to information cited in the media, her debut album "Hard age" has sold 1.2 million copies, while sales of the second album "My Paradise" on the first day alone amounted to half a million discs. However, these undeniable seemingly achieve unexpectedly questioned businessman Viktor BATURIN, who sponsored Dima BILAN and cooperated with the release of his albums with the same company "Gala records" that promotes Maksim.- All these things Alexandra Blinova from "Gala records", who is trying to make Maksim popular singer, of course, not very honest, " said Viktor. What it does is a complete garbage! It doesn't have anything unique - no vocal, no music, no texts, no appearance. It is a small club. On stadium singer she does not pull. And the stories "Gala records" about the millions of readers... Читать полностью -->

In Moscow presented the award of Stanislavsky

In Moscow presented the award of StanislavskyThe main hall of the "atrium" Moscow hotel "Balchug-Kempinski" took place the 12th edition of the ceremony of the International Stanislavsky prize, ITAR-TASS reported."This award, representing a beautiful memorial sign with a picture of Mat gulls and facsimiles of Stanislavsky, and supplemented with solid financial support, was established in 1994," said, addressing the audience, the artistic Director of the Moscow theatre "Lenkom" mark Zaharov.In this case he acted as President of the Charity Fund of Stanislavsky, who became the eponymous founder of the award. One of the main initiators of the establishment of the Fund was an outstanding Russian Director and actor Oleg Yefremov. This year he would have turned 80 years old, and this ceremony is rightly dedicated to the memory of this wonderful theatrical figure, a faithful follower of Stanislavsky.Kind words addressed to Stanislavsky and his system sounded from lips of absolutely all, without exception, new winners, whose names, according to established rule, were known in advance. Responsible mission, by definition, the leaders of the theatrical season was entrusted to a competent jury. This year it was headed by the artistic Director of Moscow art theatre of a name of Chekhov Oleg Tabakov."He thanked Professor of the Russian Academy of theatrical art (RATI) Oleg Kudryashov and Professor of Theatrical Institute of a name of Schukin Andrei Droznin, received an award in the nomination "Theatre pedagogy". Theater critic Oleg Feldman prize awarded for the study of the creative heritage of Meyerhold, noticed that the kid probably would have approved the decision to give an award for the restoration of the unique works of the Director.Praise to the great reformer of the stage said the actress of Theatre "Peter Fomenko's Workshop" Polina Kutepova, recognized as "best actress". Читать полностью -->

`The Golden compass` and other new Russian cinema

`The Golden compass` and other new Russian cinemaAt the Moscow cinema screens comes the controversial tape Dark materials: the Golden compass" Director Chris Wiza.Adaptation of the godless fantasy about the adventures of a girl Lyra who went on a dangerous journey with the aim to understand the basis of the universe.Thriller Chris Slimona "the creeps" is about an American hacker, who took a dangerous job offer from Russian oligarchs. The continuation of the bloody Thriller "Saw 4" Darren Lynn Bosman about what happened after the death of the maniac who staged a deadly game, writes "Time of news".At the Moscow cinema screens comes the controversial tape Dark materials: the Golden compass" Director Chris Wiza.The picture is even before the premiere in the U.S. was in the center of the scandal. Catholic organizations called for a boycott of the film, accusing the author of the book "Northern lights" on the basis of which the tape is removed, in the propaganda of atheism. The performer of one of leading roles, Nicole Kidman, a Catholic by religion, had to justify himself. The actress in particular said: "I'm Catholic. Читать полностью -->

Gosha Kutsenko compromised our Masha Malinovsky

Gosha Kutsenko compromised our Masha MalinovskyMasha Malinovskaya in the spring of this year, will delight the audience with their fresh talent. Bright blonde had time to try yourself as a TV presenter, MP and singer, and now it can be assessed as an actress.Debut Masha was in the film directed by Aleksandr Chernyaev "kings can do Everything". Malinowska's got one of the key roles.Aspiring actress appears as a glamorous diva, which is leading the hunt for experienced paparazzi performed by Oskar Kuchera and Gosha Kutsenko.According to the scenario the characters of Oscar and goshi collect compromising information about celebrities, often with explicit provocations.At one point the heroine Masha Malinovskaya gets their bait. Gosh seduces his "sacrifice", and the hero Oscar makes incriminating pictures.In the morning appear in the Newspapers pictures of juicy content. The heroine Malinovskaya because of this start in big trouble - scheduled breaks the engagement."Honestly," says Masha Malinovskaya, is to go out for the first time on a movie set was very scary. This was my first experience of filming in a big movie. Читать полностью -->

5 medical errors that led to the death of Lady Di

5 medical errors that led to the death of Lady DiOn hearing about the death of Princess of Wales Diana yesterday it was stated that she could survive in a car accident, if the French physicians have not lost precious time.One of the UK's leading surgeons Thomas tregor showed at the hearing that perhaps there was a chance to deliver the Princess to hospital half an hour earlier than it actually happened. Professor Tresor, ex-President of the European Association for cardio-thoracic surgery, said that at the initial stage after the disaster doctors "in many ways, has rendered very valuable assistance, but once the Princess was in an ambulance, the time of "beginning to leak through your fingers".The Professor, whom the coroner, Lord justice Scott Baker asked to see data on the treatment of the patient and to give their assessment, have admitted that the combination of internal injuries received by Diana, was extremely rare and severe. However, he said, theoretically it could be saved.In his testimony Professor touched upon the fact that in France for patients with multiple injuries, there is a fundamentally different approach than in the UK: French doctors prefer to provide such assistance to patients on the spot, and the British practiced immediate delivery to the hospital to be there already to start treatment. As was stated at the hearing, the Princess pulled out of her Mercedes after 35 minutes after the accident on 31 August 1997. Apparently, she had a cardiac arrest, so she had to do cardiac massage and take other measures for its stability on the highway; then the Princess was placed in an ambulance, where she was hooked up to tubes and a respirator and more thoroughly examined.At some point the Princess screamed, pulled out the IV and behaved so restless that she had to relate, was informed at the hearing. Only in 01:40 her condition was considered stable enough to deliver the patient to the hospital.Dr Jean-Marc Martino, a specialist in intensive care in emergency situations, told the driver "fast" to go slowly so as not to hurt the Princess of additional damage. Читать полностью -->

Orbakaite pregnant

Orbakaite pregnantRumors about a possible pregnancy of the daughter of Alla Pugacheva began to spread after her a couple of times on tour became ill.In Pavlovskij-Possad November 23 and Naro-Fominsk on November 25. Then after the performance, the singer asked the administrators of the water, repeating that she was very hot, and dizzy. At the puzzled looks of his fellow dancers, the singer was just told that I'm just tired.- Well, can I just ask for water?! with the characteristic humor and optimism in his voice told pop diva.But it was enough to talk about a possible pregnancy in a short time reached the borders of MOSCOW, and then occupied the capital's Beau Monde. However, people accepted into the family Pugacheva claim that Christina recently changed.She became more feminine, her eyes appeared blissful view, inherent to all expectant mothers. And indeed Orbakaite times in a recent interview reported that she would give birth to his legal wife Dmitry Zemtsov child. Who knows, maybe her dream will soon be realized. Читать полностью -->

The beauty of Christina Aguilera will be the twins

The beauty of Christina Aguilera will be the twinsA recent ultrasound confirmed that the star family is waiting for double replenishment, one of the kids - a boy.Learning about the twins, Christine and her husband, producer Jordan Bratman, strongly began to buy all the stuff for newborns in the dual number, for example baths for bathing babies young parents are now two.Incidentally, the Aguilera haven't even officially confirmed the information about her pregnancy, although prior to the birth of babies is just a couple of months.According to the Manager of the singer, the son of Kristina name already picked out - Jordan, in honor of her beloved husband. Source: beauty Christina Aguilera will be the twins. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The sex symbol of Germany promised to strip for 1 million euros

The sex symbol of Germany promised to strip for 1 million eurosWorld champion swimmer, a German BRITA Kamrau-Korostin for several years, is considered one of the sex symbols of the world of sports. In this capacity, 28-year-old native of Rostock adequately replaced the previous German sex bomb, Francis van Almsick.France, like BRITA, too, was the star of the swim and was also born in the former GDR.Leading men's magazines in Germany have long been fighting for the right to publish a series of pictures with Nude Shaved, but despite the shaft of the proposals, the German kept steady.A small exception was made in 2006 for the magazine "Maxim", but then the photos, what you see looks perfectly chaste. German fans of Britons want to see more.And the BRITA Kamrau-Korostin, among other things, a qualified lawyer, give them this hope.In an interview with the tabloid Bild BRITA made a rather controversial statement: "My photos in the Nude would put a cross on my future career as a lawyer. Still, I wouldn't say they never get naked in front of a photographer completely. If any publication is going to pay for a photo shoot for a million euros, I'll strip down to the end.". . Читать полностью -->