Stellar business woman overtook the mysterious death

Stellar business woman overtook the mysterious deathThe Manhattan police are investigating a mysterious and, apparently, the scandalous case: in my own apartment was found dead known in the circles of Hollywood celebrities businesswoman. On her body in the preliminary examination is a strange injury.They put detectives on the idea of violent death.Now they have to find out whether the woman died at the hands of the killer. And if so, who'd want to hurt Linda Stein, 62-year-old lady, who for many years had the stars help business plan.The apartment of the deceased was located on Fifth Avenue, one of the most prestigious areas of Manhattan. No sign of forced entry, which could be indicative of penetration into the apartment by an unknown attacker, no. In addition, the autopsy showed the woman died from blunt force injuries of the head and neck.Dottie Herman is the closest friend of the deceased, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company Р rudential Douglas Elliman, a staff member who was dead, said to the police that the last time Linda Stein had serious health problems. She was diagnosed with "breast cancer".The patient, according to her friend, was suffering from dizziness and bouts of nausea, so that she had received the injury could hypothetically be the result of a bad fall in a faint. Читать полностью -->

Kristina Orbakaite increased lips

Kristina Orbakaite increased lipsOn the anniversary of Sofia Rotaru singer appeared with a modified smile.In the last days in the secular parties discuss the new lips of Christina Orbakaite. The smile singer was more splendid than, and the shape of the lips even bigger.Updated smile Christina showed others at the jubilee concert of Sofia Rotaru.Rumor has it that recently the city asked for help to cosmetologists. I must say that the singer is no stranger to such procedures. For the first time under the surgeon's knife Kristina went a few years ago to do a nose job. Compared to this procedure lip augmentation painless and quick. In just a few hours and 300 - $ 800 you can get a new mouth. Читать полностью -->

Rene Zellwegger an urgent need to get fat to 20 kg

Rene Zellwegger an urgent need to get fat to 20 kgWriter Helen Fielding finishes work on the third part of the history of Bridget Jones, and Renee will soon again have to score at least 20 kg of weight to get into the skin of unlucky plump Bridget."It's terrible," complained the actress. - To gain weight for the role is not so great as many believe. Yeah, the first two days of fun all the time eating chocolate, pizza and spaghetti, but then all this starts to feel sick and want to go to the gym. Also - sadly added Rene - after each role I often have to visit the doctor. Indeed, such a rapid change in weight is not conducive to the preservation of health". Source: Rene Zellwegger an urgent need to get fat to 20 kg. Читать полностью -->

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