Hysterical Orlando bloom has mauled two women

Hysterical Orlando bloom has mauled two womenThe star of movies "the Lord of the rings," "Troy" and "pirates of the Caribbean Orlando bloom was involved in a car accident, trying to hide from prying photographers.30-year-old actor was driving in Los Angeles about two o'clock in the morning with two passengers when his car suddenly changing, approached an unidentified vehicle. According to police, bloom, seeing the pursuer, sharply turned out a wheel. As a result of this maneuver, his car crashed into two cars parked on the roadside.Orlando bloom and two passengers were taken to the nearest hospital. The actor, in which blood is not detected no alcohol, no drugs, was not injured. Police the reason for his nervous behavior on the road, the actor explained that he thought, if hunting paparazzi.30-year-old passenger, who was riding in the front seat, received a deep wound on the neck, a 35-year-old woman sitting on back, - a crack in the cervical spine.My Family (#42) Source: Hysterical Orlando bloom has mauled two women. . Читать полностью -->

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