Rotaru will allocate money for the restoration of the Livadia Palace

Rotaru will allocate money for the restoration of the Livadia PalaceSofia Rotaru has decided to take the lead in the Livadia Palace. Recall that in Yalta this summer, the singer celebrated the 60 year anniversary.Then, looking around the halls of the Palace, the singer noted that he is in need of restoration, and promised to come back to this issue, the newspaper "Your day"."Since the New year Sofia Mikhailovna together with your family will meet in Yalta, the promised visit to Livadia Palace she is due early January, say the relatives of the singer. Is there specifically for the stars will be given a tour, after which it will be decided how much of Sofia Mikhailovna will allocate for restoration". Source: Rotaru will allocate money for the restoration of the Livadia Palace. . . Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton and her dog will be resurrected after death

Paris Hilton and her dog will be resurrected after deathParis Hilton is going to live forever, giving his body to be frozen after death, reports the Daily Star. The super-rich heir to a hotel Empire is investing money in large cryogenic company, which aims to save her, and then brought back to life.The plan is that future technology will be able to recover the Paris young as ever. And for a company Paris also freeze their beloved Pets.26-year-old socialite bought the company's shares Cryonics Institute in Michigan, which is engaged in cryogenic research. "This is so cool. Almost all cells in the body remain alive when announcing a death. But if the body is immediately cooled, it is possible to save it," she says.The first to try new development in their own skin will probably be beloved Chihuahua Paris named tinkerbell. Читать полностью -->

Olga Kabo brought into the light of a future husband

Olga Kabo brought into the light of a future husbandActress Olga Kabo in no hurry for a second time to create a family. She works hard, and what her personal life, know only the closest. To the question, do not met until a decent man, "the bride" every time is very evasive answers.But last weekend Cabo for the first time brought out of the close person, 43-year-old businessman. Cabo has officially divorced the father of her 8-year-old daughter Tatiana a few years ago. The cause of the divorce, as usual, was the diversity of characters".Ex-husband of Olga, the owner of the Bank and the candidate of economic Sciences, according to rumors, was the complete opposite accustomed to act spontaneously Olga. As a prudent man, he did not consider acting as a serious profession, has repeatedly asked the actress to leave the cinema for the sake of family happiness, terribly jealous of her partner in the film and always preferred to stay in the shade. Читать полностью -->

Alexey Vorobyov starred in the new movie

Alexey Vorobyov starred in the new movieIn mid-September, the series is Uniform" and Director Victor Konasewich started shooting a full-length adventure film "Crash" scenario Alexander Gonioscope. A fantastic story based on a secret city comics Shilov.Starring 16-18-year-old boys, one of whom is the star of MTV, singer and actor Alexei Vorobyov, as well as popular Russian actors: Alexey Panin, Stanislav Lyubshin, Alexander Trofimov, Andrey Kharitonov and the star of the show "Our Russia" Sergey Svetlakov.For me it was the first experience of filming in a big movie. - To share the emotions of sparrows. - I had the great honor to play with such great actors as Lyubshin, Trofimov. No he might have a chance to be with them on one set. Now they are not so much paying attention only to the most vivid scenarios and roles. Читать полностью -->

Gusev was cold, making love in the cave

Gusev was cold, making love in the cave Star "Teams" Ekaterina Guseva took pneumonia. Artist four hours poured ice water from fire hoses and buckets, and then forced to strip almost naked. Drenched from head to toe, Kate indulged in amorous pleasures.Warming his breath stiff arm to break.- Urgently hot tea Guseva, not sick! - shouted the film's Director Kirill Belevich ("Death to spies", "the Detectives of regional scale") after this was filmed the last take. However, actress tea is not saved.LoveAccording to the scenario of a new detective "save our souls" heroine Guseva after the storm is covered with a loved one in a cave, where they indulge in a passionate caress. Frozen Catherine could barely contain the shiver, portraying languor and bliss, while her partner Mikhail Martyanov gently embraced her.By the end of the day Kate was beginning to shiver. She got worse - the actress had a high fever and then lost my voice. Читать полностью -->

Pregnancy Volkova disappointed Americans

Pregnancy Volkova disappointed AmericansTo be a global star means to attract the attention of millions of people from different countries. However, the news about the same celebrity can cause very different emotions in different cultures.Days.Ru decided to conduct a little experiment: news about the Western stars especially for us now, says a resident of the United States of America.This will allow you to look at the world of show business through different eyes, learn the realities of life in "the forge" celebrities world-wide.Our expert named Gavin O'neill, he lives in Pennsylvania, in a small town. About star of life he, as we know from the press, Internet and TV programs. So, especially for you news showbiz last week the eyes of the American.More emotions this week called, perhaps, a note about plastic surgery. According to the specialist of this area, Hollywood is about 60 per cent of ladies have gone through the particular procedure in the clinics of plastic surgeons."In the U.S. we're talking about Hollywood, though it and its inhabitants is a part of another country. Читать полностью -->

Julia Roberts pushed the car to ditch the paparazzi

Julia Roberts pushed the car to ditch the paparazziHollywood actress Julia Roberts chased the car with the paparazzi when they tried to take a picture of her at school, AFP reports.The actress was racing for photographers on a jeep "Mercedes", honked and gave them a gesture to stop. This can be seen on the tape, aired on the TV show Inside Edition.40-year-old Roberts was yelling at the paparazzi: "turn the camera Off. I want to talk to you about what you are at the school where children go".This incident was another episode in the "war" that is on the streets of Los Angeles is between the paparazzi and celebrities.Last week, actor George Clooney lashed out at the paparazzi. "What they do is illegal. They are riding at high speeds, compete with each other. They don't just want to catch me for some kind of stupid, they want to make me do something stupid. Читать полностью -->

Kidman keep to a diet to save the child

Kidman keep to a diet to save the childPop-photo actress Nicole Kidman in free dress fanned speculation that the star is expecting her first biological child.Oscar-winning actress often appears in public in a slinky dress that emphasizes all the advantages of her figure, indicating how many hours a day she spends in the gym.This time, however, the dress in which Nicole and her husband Keith urban came out to have Breakfast out of the house in Sydney, was much more free than usual. In addition, the dress with a high waist clearly emphasized the emerging Nicole tummy, writes The Daily Mail.Earlier it was reported that on Christmas Nicole allegedly told his family that is expecting a child. Since then there are new details related to her pregnancy. Friends of Kidman announced that the actress is planning to have a baby in a private clinic in Sydney. Most likely, the child will also grow in Australia, so he could preserve the "national identity". And Nicole and her husband Keith grew up in Australia.A source said: "Nicole and Keith are very proud of its Australian origins and want to raise a child in Australia. Читать полностью -->

Andrew Smolyakov smashed his head

Andrew Smolyakov smashed his headWell-known actor Andrey Smolyakov recently got on a hospital bed with a very serious injury. In Institute of a name Sklifosovsky artist brought his son Dmitry.Smolyakov was pale, with bloody bandaged jacket head. To know the man she was almost impossible."Fell and hit his head," I can barely hear it said doctors Smolyakov. The actor immediately inspected and, obnarugili he lacerated wound of the temporal region, sent to the operating table - stitches.As soon as the actor came to, he told what actually happened to him. No fall was not, but Smolyakov mention of the attack.According to the artist, somebody attacked near the metro. The attackers, apparently, will remain unpunished."I don't even want to think about it - sadly told the actor. Читать полностью -->

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