Mariah Carey decided to sunbathe Topless

Mariah Carey decided to sunbathe ToplessPop star Mariah Carey came out to relax on one of the Caribbean resorts.Both she managed as well as possible: in the photo the singer looks refreshed (and generally much younger than in life). As for the possibility to relax, then this opportunity Mariah missed and relaxed so much that he decided to sunbathe Topless. And the paparazzi this point is not missed.Fortunately, Mariah (and to the chagrin of the paparazzi), under her hand was the magazine, the singer covered up all the fun.NOT so long ago, the singer made a splash at the ceremony of World music Awards held in Monaco. Immediately before the ceremony took place pre-party where we invited not only singers and musicians, and other celebrities. Mariah Carey became what is called a highlight. Though her prize and did not get it, it seems, was satisfied with himself and everywhere touting their new album and a new perfume. Читать полностью -->

In Kiev opened the world's first monument to Bulgakov

In Kiev opened the world's first monument to Bulgakov Today in Kiev was opened the world's first monument to the great Russian writer, Kyiv Mikhail Bulgakov. The bronze monument is located at the house of literary-memorial Museum of the writer on the Andriyivsky descent, 13.The correspondent of "New Region".In the opening ceremony of the monument was attended by the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky and Minister Counsellor of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine Vsevolod Loskutov.The monument was opened on the initiative of Leonid Chernovetsky and the sponsorship, said "New Region", the head of Department of protection of monuments of history, culture and historical environment of the capital Ruslan Kukharenko.The authors of the sculpture - the honoured artist of Ukraine Nikolay rapaille and honored architect of Ukraine Vyacheslav Dormidontov.Leonid Chernovetsky admitted that another student was reading the novel "the Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov and other works, which then was very difficult to get. "A monument to Bulgakov until installed only in Kiev. In Kiev, Bulgakov lived 28 of 49 years, given to him by the Lord God. I don't know which writer it now be considered a Russian, or Ukrainian? I think the debate on this subject is yet to come," said Leonid Chernovetskiy.Minister Counsellor of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine Vsevolod Loskutov made on pure Ukrainian, tearing applause and shouts of "Bravo!". Diplomat on behalf of all the Russians thanked the mayor of Kiev, the authors of the sculpture and all the inhabitants of the Ukrainian capital for the construction of this monument."It's really an outstanding event in Ukrainian and in Russian culture, it is, if I may say so, a particular element of our cooperation in the humanitarian sphere," the Russian diplomat said.According to Loskutova, Moscow now let's take the example of the Kiev and in Moscow, too, will be a monument to Bulgakov. Читать полностью -->

At the Berlin film festival will go seven Russian bands

At the Berlin film festival will go seven Russian bandsRussia will be represented by seven ribbons at the upcoming 58th Berlin international film festival, which will take place from 7 to 17 February.As informs "Interfax", the festival guests will be able to see five Russian cartoons and two feature films - "the Mermaid" directed by Anna Melikyan and "Nirvana" by Igor Voloshin."Mermaid" will be the opening film of the Panorama, the film "Nirvana" is included in the program "Forum".Five cartoons that will be shown at the film festival, created four Russian animation Studio "Pilot" and go into a cycle of "Mountain of gems". This cartoons "Cepage" directed by Leon Estrin, "crumb-havroshechka" Inga Korenevo, "Kogoro" Sergei Merinov and "Bear stories" by Marina Karpova.Fifth cartoon - Fish - Director Sergei Riabov created independently. All five Russian cartoons included in the program of children's cinema "Generation".In addition, the representative of Russia will be one of the jury members. To solve the competitive fate of the films and their creators extras will be the President "STS Media" Alexander Rodnyansky. Source: Berlin international film festival will go seven Russian bands. . Читать полностью -->

Babkina decided to adopt a child

Babkina decided to adopt a childHope G. Babkina on information occasions will soon Eclipse Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. We had not time to depart from its transformation into Madonna as the Queen of Russian song said.The laurels of West divas do not give rest to our star. Recently beloved by millions of Russians Nadezhda Babkina never ceases to amaze. Over the past year she was very thin and looked younger, changed the kokoshnik and Russian sundress clothing from leading fashion designers. But the actress did not stop there. Читать полностью -->

Yagudin and Savelyeva not seeing each other for weeks because of work

Yagudin and Savelyeva not seeing each other for weeks because of workHeld in the cinema "October" the premiere of "the best film" many of the guests were surprised by the appearance of the soloist of group "Factory" Alexandra Savelieva alone.Someone is worried, is everything in order in their relationship with Alex agodini, because recently they appeared everywhere together.However, Sasha has assured us that he Lesha everything is fine, although they had not seen for three weeks. The skater is on a long tour in Japan, which flew right after the New year. This holiday lovers met separately, the singer, as usual, worked, and Yagudin had chosen not to accompany her in this difficult matter. Because of work he himself had immediately after the New year, but Sasha, on the contrary, went to rest in the Arab Emirates.As admitted Sasha "Z", she really misses Alex and looking forward to his return. No fewer emotions makes her an expectation of the Christmas gift from Alexis, which he still hasn't given her. However, as we told the singer, Alex promised her startle.- Alex keeps it in secret and my questions only answers that for me it will be a big surprise, " smiles Alex. Читать полностью -->

In Hollywood has estimated the losses from the abolition of the ceremony of `Golden globe`

In Hollywood has estimated the losses from the abolition of the ceremony of `Golden globe`Hollywood counts the losses associated with the cancellation of the awards ceremony "Golden globe" and the decision to hold instead of a simple press conference to which some stars still promised to be.Suppliers of food products, limo drivers, stylists, owners, and dozens of correspondents of leading magazines and television shows were out of work, and, respectively, and without profit, after the festive dinner and the traditional passage of stars on the red carpet were the victims of lasting for nine weeks of the Hollywood writers ' strike, reports Reuters."This has hurt the interests of many people," the economist said the Los Angeles company County Economic Development Corp. Jack Kaiser. According to his estimates, the ceremony of "Golden globe" yields a yearly budget of Los Angeles 70-80 million dollars. "A large number of club parties with a budget of 200 thousand dollars each were cancelled. It hurt the owners of hotels, security services, the staff of the garages, as well as stylists," added Kaiser.According to a source close to the leadership of channels, most TV shows, which were supposed to appear on television and movie stars, too, have been cancelled. In particular, the demonstration programs, and reports had to give up HBO and NBC, as well as In Style magazine, owned by Warner Bros..Meanwhile, today it was announced that at least 1,000 employees of Warner Bros. Читать полностью -->

Sergey Lazarev c childhood afraid of fireworks

Sergey Lazarev c childhood afraid of fireworks- I got feuerwerkerei four years ago new year's eve, " says the artist. - Traditionally, I met a holiday with the family. We went outside to launch fireworks that they bought in abundance.And all of a sudden some of them started to shoot in the wrong direction. We appeared to be incorrectly installed. In General, the whole family came under cross fire from exploding and sparkling shells.At first it was fun but then it became terrible - too long we jumped and dodged. In the end, even suffered losses - set fire to mother's fur coat, which she was. Читать полностью -->

The Basques have sex with a new partner

The Basques have sex with a new partnerOn the set of "Kingdom of crooked mirrors" famous singer asked the Director to add in the script the sex scenes. Nikolay Baskov invited the head of the project Alexander Hodinu to dilute the film's erotic scenes.- In the "Kingdom" not enough sex! - said the singer. - Let's do erotic with my partner!I am glad to take part in these shootings! I miss sex!Inspired by the enthusiasm of the singer, the Director initially supported the idea, but after a little thought, refused it:- Kohl's, we will be watching the kids! Don't forget, the film is set for release on new year's eve!Filming the Christmas project "the Kingdom of crooked mirrors", where Nikolay Baskov plays a major role Yakupova (Parrot), singer get up to mischief in earnest, the newspaper "Your day"."I almost single - joked Nicholas. - I want to love!And when he saw his partner - "miss Russia" Victoria Kirilenko, the artist generally had a ball.- Was not was, let's shoot a bed scene! - winking newly Juliet, said the tenor.The role of the Basques came with great responsibility.Because it is important to embrace the fact that we play, " said Nicholas. According to the script I'm in love with Juliet. What better bed will be able to convey these emotions?"You know, I thoroughly thought through all scenarios of erotic scenes," continues the singer. Читать полностью -->

`The irony of fate-2` will release in the rental ahead of time

`The irony of fate-2` will release in the rental ahead of time"Gemini film, the distributor of the film "Irony of fate-2" and its producers decided to move the premiere of the sequel paintings by Eldar Ryazanov "the Irony of fate or With light steam!" at an earlier date.So they want to beat the record of box office receipts in the Russian box, the newspaper "Kommersant".Earlier, Russian distributors tried to release the potential blockbusters in early January. It was expected that the premiere of "the Irony of fate-2" Timur Bekmambetov will also be held in early January and not in December. According to the distributor of the picture, the transfer date of the premiere will collect the film 45-50 million dollars at the box office. In addition, the film promised two years not to produce a monitor to interest and those who usually waits for cinepremiere.The plot of the new film the characters in the movie Ryazanov have children (son Lukashin and daughter of Hope and Hippolytus) between which occur the same events, and between their parents.Earlier, the leader of the Russian film distribution was the movie "Day watch", the Director who was also Bekmambetov. Source: "the Irony of fate-2" will release in the rental ahead of time. . Читать полностью -->

Visit Spears in one of Hollywood hotels led to a fight

Visit Spears in one of Hollywood hotels led to a fightThe daily life of the controversial pop singer Britney Spears remains under the scrutiny of the American yellow press.This time, tabloids report that the machine Britney was evacuated by police and her visit to one of Hollywood hotels led to a fight, reports AP.In fact the brawl at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly hills, the police were called. However, police officer Karen Smith said that the star was not the culprit of this mess. "She left the hotel, when one of the paparazzi and the security guard was a fight," said a police officer. Fights broke even before the arrival of the outfit. Nobody was not arrested.Meanwhile, the police reported that on Monday at about 20:00 local time Spears threw his Mercedes-Benz new model on sunset Boulevard, near the University of California, due to the fact that she had a flat tire. "She left the car unattended, and it interfered with the movement, therefore, was evacuated," said Smith.To get the car back, Spears will need to pay for towing and storage of the vehicle at the rate of 35.2 per day.According to the website when her car broke down, Spears drove up to the house one of the paparazzi that constantly follow her around. Читать полностью -->